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Christopher Lembo, M.Ed.

Faculty Support, English as a New Language

Chris Lembo - English as a New Language


After growing up in southern California, Chris moved to South Bend to study Neuroscience at the University of Notre Dame. Near the end of his time at Notre Dame, his interests and values aligned well with the ACE teaching fellowship, so he spent two years teaching Math and Science at a small school in Atlanta, Georgia. It was in Atlanta where Chris developed his interest in working in linguistically diverse communities. Joining the ENL 18 cohort gave him the opportunity to explore his academic interests in bilingual education while living and working alongside his teaching community. In 2022, Chris moved to Santiago, Chile as a member of the ChACE program in order to teach English at Saint George's College. Today, Chris is still teaching 6th grade English and 12th Neuroscience at Saint George's, where he continues to explore language experientially.