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Denise Shaffer

ACE Intern


Houston, TX        


Pasquerilla West Hall    


Anthropology, Global Affairs  


ESS, Theology   

On-Campus Activities

Notre Dame Women's Water Pol, Liturgical Choir, Senior Class Council, College Mentors for Kids

What experiences at Notre Dame helped shape your decision to pursue ACE?    

When I went on the immersion part of my Appalachia CSC Seminar, we went to this "Progress Museum". I noticed then what I have come to learn intimately: education is the greatest way to promote progress. I decided after returning from that immersion to join the ESS minor, and the classes in this field have only deepened and grown my understanding and passion for the power of education. With my International Development Studies concentration I've been able to greater visualize how that power can be harnessed and used to create positive change in the world. This academic endeavor alongside my experience in working with children has pulled and called me to being a part of ACE!

What do you hope to do/accomplish as an ACE teacher?

I'm very excited about not only getting to gain experience as a teacher, but to do so in a Catholic school. Being a part of ACE means that my faith will be interwoven in my vocation and work. In knowing this, I am hoping to be like Christ in the community that I am placed in. I want to love first, lead through service, and inspire kindness and joy. I hope that this will lead to growth not only in my life, but in the lives of my future students and others I will have the honor of encountering through ACE. 

How do you hope to grow in your experience as an ACE Intern?

I see being an ACE Intern as a huge opportunity for learning, especially when it comes to serving others. I am so excited to spread the message and vision of ACE, but I'm also excited to do this with other incredible people. I think I'll grow a lot and I hope to grow especially in things I've always struggled with, such as fruitful discernment and intentional time management. However, I'm most excited to be inspired by the growth and stories of those I get to surround myself with while being an Intern.

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