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Program Benefits

The LEI summer conference features presentations and lectures from school leaders with demonstrated success in implementing innovative Latino outreach strategies. The presenters, most of whom are either current or retired Catholic school principals, have years of experience serving culturally and linguistically diverse student populations, and provide authentic witness to the notion that a Catholic school's success is not dependent on the abundance of resources that it brings to bear, but rather on the authenticity and vigor with which it develops fresh and imaginative ways to carry out its mission.


LEI Summer Conference Topics:

  • Developing a deeper understanding of Latino cultures and traditions
  • Intercultural competency and what it means for your school
  • Cultural influences in the lives of children and how to create culturally sustaining classrooms and schools
  • How to enlist faculty, staff, and parents to reach out personally to Latino families and invite them to Catholic schools
  • Rethinking fundraising: strategies for cultivating and maintaining private and corporate donors
  • Bright spots: a look at specific schools that have been intentional in their outreach to Latino communities and have experienced tremendous growth, not only in enrollment, but as a community
  • English as a New Language: developing a deeper understanding of the process of language acquisition in order to ensure that English language learners thrive in your school. Learn more about the ACE English as a New Language Program here.

Benefits for schools and school leaders who attend the LEI:

  • Enrollment growth: schools experience, on average, a 33% increase in Latino enrollment after just one year
  • Access to a support network—LEI coaches—of Catholic school leaders with first-hand experience transforming their schools through intentional Latino outreach
  • Connections with other schools and school leaders across the country who are engaged in the same mission
  • Access to online modules providing tangible ideas and proven strategies for serving culturally and linguistically diverse student populations




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