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Alumni and Friends

ACE Advocates wants to help you stay connected to the mission of Catholic schools, as well as to graduates of ACE and other UCCE programs.

Whether you’re still working in a school, have remained in education in a different capacity, or have migrated to another field entirely, your set of rich experiences in and outside of Catholic schools means that you have something to contribute to the mission of sustaining and strengthening Catholic schools. Children, families, communities, the nation, and the Church need YOU!

As an alum of ACE Teaching Fellows, the Mary Ann Remick Leadership Program, English as a New Language, the Program for Inclusive Education, or another UCCE program, you have already joined the ranks of the hundreds of other ACE Advocates. You are the core of our movement. Because of our shared beliefs and commitment to Catholic education, and the urgent issues facing our education system, we must continue to work together to sustain and strengthen Catholic schools.

To that end, we encourage you to formalize your membership in the ACE Advocates by joining our Newsletter list

The ACE Advocates movement is for the good of Catholic schools across the country; it is also for you! Please join the movement, and become part of the dedicated and dynamic national community supporting Catholic schools, connect with fellow graduates, and take advantage of our programs and resources, including a great job board.