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Benefits of ACE

Benefits of ACE Teaching Fellows

"When I entered ACE, I knew that I wanted to change at least one life. I have changed at least one – my own.”
Dave Madden, ACE Jacksonville

What will a participant get out of ACE?

The opportunity to serve others is the principal motivator for ACE teachers. For over 25 years, ACE teachers have returned from the field with the same sentiment – you get back far more than you put in. No doubt, the effort can be great, but the rewards of teaching and community life cannot be quantified. Concretely, ACE is able to offer its members professional preparation and unique benefits that will help you engage deeply in service with strong levels of support.

Upon completion of the program, ACE teachers:
  • Receive a cost-free Master of Education degree from Notre Dame
  • Are eligible for teaching licensure
  • Are eligible for a Segal Education Award from the Corporation for National and Community Service
During their two years of service, ACE teachers:
  • Receive a modest living allowance
  • Are placed in affordable housing, arranged by the diocese in which participants serve
  • Are eligible for loan deferment and possibly for partial or complete loan cancellation.
  • Are eligible to become AmeriCorps members
AmeriCorps and ACE

acACE Teaching Fellows is a member program of The Corporation of National and Community Service. Eligible ACE teachers may enroll as AmeriCorps members and may be eligible to earn an Eli Segal Education award of approximately $5,700.  For more information on AmeriCorps and the Eli Segal Education award, please visit


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About Us

Providing high-quality educational opportunities for the under-served and forming leaders to meet that call, ACE Teaching Fellows work tirelessly to provide a witness of hope.

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Over the course of the two years, the University of Notre Dame and the Alliance for Catholic Education will invest over $100,000 in every ACE Teaching Fellow. 

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