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Cost-Free M.Ed.

ACE teachers receive a fully-funded graduate degree, a Master of Education, from the University of Notre Dame.

Participants are responsible for any costs associated with standardized testing (GRE, PRAXIS, etc.) and the purchasing of their own textbooks.

Modest Living Allowance

Each ACE teacher receives a modest living allowance, averaging roughly $12,000 per year, depending on the cost of living in the city in which an individual is placed. From their stipends, ACE teachers contribute each month to community rent (subsidized), utilities and internet.

Affordable Housing

During the two summer sessions, ACE teachers live free of charge in a dorm on Notre Dame’s campus with other members of their cohort. ACE teachers also receive a meal plan, parking pass and access to University athletic facilities at no charge.

During the academic year, ACE teachers live together in a community of 4-7 fellow ACE teachers in affordable housing located by the diocese in which they serve. Available housing varies widely from diocese to diocese. Many ACE houses are former convents or rectories, others are rented from local parish members or benefactors, and others are apartments. As mentioned above, ACE teachers are expected to contribute each month to pay for subsidized rent, utilities, and internet from the monthly stipends they receive.

Loan Deferment

Considered full-time graduate students, ACE teachers are eligible to defer undergraduate student loans. Many ACE teachers also qualify for partial or complete cancellation of Perkins loans depending on the subject(s) they teach and the eligibility of their ACE school. Completion of the paperwork for loan deferment and cancellation are the responsibility of the ACE teacher.

Graduate School Deferment

The possibility of receiving a deferral on admission to the University of Notre Dame Law School will be considered from admits who begin their participation in ACE in the year in which they are scheduled to begin law school.



ACE Teaching Fellows is a member program of The Corporation of National and Community Service. Eligible ACE teachers may enroll as AmeriCorps members and may be eligible to earn an Eli Segal Education award of $5550.  For more information on AmeriCorps and the Eli Segal Education award, please visit

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Providing high-quality educational opportunities for the under-served and forming leaders to meet that call, ACE Teaching Fellows work tirelessly to provide a witness of hope.

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