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Summer Absences

Policy 2.14 - Summer Session Course Attendance Policy

The summer session affords limited time for course work, therefore, presence is critical.  Absences that extend beyond a day can only be granted by the Academic Director and these include absences for family weddings, wedding party commitments, and unusual family, health, or undergraduate situations (e.g. completion of finals, graduation). When possible, it is expected that the ACE teacher will communicate such absences before they occur.  Absences for health reasons do not need to be granted by the Academic Director but may require a medical note if requested by one’s professors.   


Non-family weddings and vacation days are not excused absences. Summer faculty members are encouraged to note their policy regarding unexcused absences on course syllabi and these typically will involve a grade reduction or additional assignment.


If you perceive any conflicts for your summer schedule or need to request permission for an excused absence, please contact Sister Gail Mayotte, Academic Director. Additionally, any conflicts with retreats need to be reviewed with John Schoenig, Senior Director of Teacher Formation and Policy. Thank you!