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Judy Madden ACE Wellness ResourcesAbout Judy Madden 

Judy Madden is a Student Support Specialist for ACE Teaching Fellows, supporting ACE teachers with resources for issues that may arise in classrooms and in daily life. After spending 10 years working for a Fortune 100 company in California, she became director of the Women's Care Center in Northern Indiana, serving in that capacity for 15 years.

When is Judy Available?

Summer Office Hours:
Coleman Morse 3rd Floor Library
Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays
6:30pm - after Mass
I’m also happy to share a meal with you or chat at a time that better suits you.  Just email me and we’ll set it up.
Contact info:
Phone: 574-631-6037 (office)
           574-344-3668 (cell)
Twitter: JudyatACE