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One of the unique aspects of ACE is the personal support provided by the ACE Team. Members of the ACE Pastoral and Administrative Team stay in regular contact with and visit the ACE communities every semester, supporting and challenging ACE teachers in their personal, communal, and spiritual lives. Because they are all former teachers, they can relate in a particularly compelling way to the joys and struggles of beginning teaching and community life that ACE teachers often experience.

ACE Teaching Fellows Faculty

The ACE Faculty of Supervision and Instruction and the Academic Director constitute the full-time M.Ed. faculty at Notre Dame. These university-based faculty teach courses during the summer and visit ACE teachers during the school year, conducting formal and informal observations and evaluations. ACE teachers are enrolled in internet-delivered courses during the school year taught by members of the supervision and instruction team as well as faculty from Notre Dame and other universities.

For adjunct faculty, ACE draws upon talented and committed educators from nationally-renowned programs across the country, as well as from the deep pool of talented researchers with interests in education at Notre Dame, and expert practitioners in the South Bend community.

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