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Rent Responsibilities and Travel Stipends

Rent Responsibilities

ACE teachers are responsible for the rent and utilities of their local ACE community houses from September 1 of the year they begin the ACE program through June 30 of the year they complete the ACE program.

The rent and utility policy proceeds as follows:

    1. For houses with all second year students: ACE will pay all of July and August rent and utilities. The incoming new ACE teachers will begin paying rent and utilities on September 1st.

    2. For houses with both first and second year teachers: ACE will pay the portion of the July and August rent and utilities that would have been paid by the graduated ACE teachers. (Thus, if two of the five ACE teachers in a house are graduating, ACE will pay 40% of the July and August rent and utilities.)

    3. For houses of all first year teachers: The ACE teachers are responsible for paying the rent and utilities for July and August between their first and second year.

Travel Stipends

ACE provides small stipends to assist with travel costs three times over the course of your two years to help cover travel to ACE site (year 1), travel to Notre Dame after first year, and travel to ACE site (year 2).