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The Three Pillars of ACE

An ACE teacher’s experience is founded on the three pillars of the program – teaching, community and spirituality. The integration of these three pillars throughout the ACE experience plays a valuable role in the formation of ACE teachers. ACE teachers build community in their classrooms and at home; they grow spiritually as a result of their work in school and in the community life of the house; they become better teachers through the support of their peers, supervisors, and colleagues and through the many opportunities for spiritual growth.

Through the three pillars, ACE seeks to provide its participants the preparation and formation to become professional educators, build loving communities, and live active, faithful lives. High quality professional preparation provides the tools for effective teaching. Community life with fellow beginning teachers and a larger community of support helps ACE teachers to share the burdens and the joys of teaching with others. Opportunities for spiritual growth help ACE teachers become reflective practitioners and models of faith in action.

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Providing high-quality educational opportunities for the under-served and forming leaders to meet that call, ACE Teaching Fellows work tirelessly to provide a witness of hope.

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