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LA East

The presence of ACE in Los Angeles is split between two communities, LA East and LA South Central. This community, LA East, is based in Bellflower, CA, about a 20-30 minute drive (factoring in LA traffic) from the heart of downtown Los Angeles. The city provides ACE teachers with ample opportunities to reach out to a diverse student population, many of whom are practicing Catholics.

  • Katherine Caprez
  • Andrea Pujol
  • Jacob Steiss
  • Megan Judd
  • Joe Rhee
  • "I knew that after graduating from college I wanted to be a part of something greater than myself - an organization dedicated not only to changing the lives of a few people, but to changing the world. My experiences working with children in the past have brought me such incredible joy, and to be able to work with them in meaningful ways that shape their future is a blessing. I can't describe how humbled and grateful I am for this opportunity to contribute to the continued success of Catholic schools to educate and empower students, especially new, and first and second generation, Americans."

    Katherine Caprez  | ACE 23

    5th-8th Grade Social Studies and Religion Teacher at Our Lady of Guadalupe

    BA in Political Science and English, Miami University (OH)

    Originally from Akron, OH

  • " The revelation that it is no longer I live, but Christ who lives in me (Gal. 2:20) has helped me put my life into perspective during challenging times. God gives us nothing less than what He believes we can overcome or achieve, and this presents a beautiful challenge for each of us during the New Evangelization. Through steadfast prayer and living a Sacramental life, I am confident He will work through me in the way He has willed to bring others closer to Him. "

    Andrea Pujol  | ACE 23

    High School Math Teacher at St. Paul High School

    BS in Mathematics and Economics with a minor in Business Administration, Baylor University

    Originally from Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela

  • "I have seen God in the willingness of my students to trust me with their learning. In the daily struggle, you lose sight of their colossal and consistent effort. Each day they are willing to try completely new things and this trusting participation humbles me. "

    Jacob Steiss  | ACE 22

    High School Language Arts Teacher at Cantwell Sacred Heart

    BA in English and Sociology, Fordham University

    Originally from Meredith, NH

  • "My favorite moment from this past year of teaching was having the sophomores in my room for break and lunch. Almost every day I would have about 20 students just sitting and talking in my room. It was chaos. But it also gave me the opportunity to talk to my students in an informal way. "

    Megan Judd  | ACE 22

    High School Science Teacher at Cantwell Sacred Heart

    BS in Marine Biology, College of Charleston

    Originally from Aiken, SC

  • "Students are truly resilient when you give them am reason to be. I saw God in all their ability to push through their personal struggles. "

    Joe Rhee  | ACE 22

    High School Science Teacher at Cantwell Sacred Heart

    BA in Political Science and Pre-Medical Studies, University of Notre Dame

    Originally from Tenafly, NJ

  • Katherine Caprez
  • Andrea Pujol
  • Jacob Steiss
  • Megan Judd
  • Joe Rhee

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