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Where We Serve: Mission


Mission is the grapefruit capital of the U.S. located in the Texas-Mexico border area known as “the Valley.” Named for La Lomita Mission which was built right on the Rio Grande River, Mission is a city of approximately 45,000, but it is only 15 minutes from McAllen, a larger city with plenty of restaurants, shopping, and nightlife. It is also only about an hour from South Padre Island and Brownsville ACE community.


  • Kitty Harrington
  • Kateri Sternberg
  • Christopher DeSapio
  • Connor Bliss
  • Kitty Harrington  | ACE 24

    Double major in Elementary Education and Communication Studies, Marquette University

    Originally from River Forest, IL

  • Kateri Sternberg  | ACE 24

    B.S. in Mathematics and Philosophy with minor in Psychology, University of Scranton

    Originally from Poughkeepsie, NY

  • Christopher DeSapio  | ACE 23

    B.A. in History and Political Science, Notre Dame

    Originally from Kingwood NJ

  • Connor Bliss  | ACE 24

    B.S. in Physics and History with a minor in Education, Schooling, and Society, University of Notre Dame

    Originally from Glenn Dale, MD

  • Kitty Harrington
  • Kateri Sternberg
  • Christopher DeSapio
  • Connor Bliss

Schools We Serve

ACE teachers serve at the following schools:

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