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Where We Serve: Peoria


Peoria is, for many, the prototypical American city: the most mainstream, heartland, or All-American one can get. Situated along the banks of the Illinois River halfway between Chicago and St. Louis, it has a bit of everything: the vibrant riverfront and conveniences of a big city, breathtaking trails for hiking and mountain-biking, and the warmth and friendliness of the quintessential small town.  

To this day, music promoters ask, “Will it play in Peoria?” when gauging a release’s appeal to the American psyche.  After a visit there, you might wonder why anyone would ever play (or teach) anywhere else!

  • Luke Janicki
  • Patty Yoritomo
  • Maddie Basil
  • "I have certainly seen God in my community members. The three people I live with are such strong, unique individuals committed to living lives of purpose, and it has been a blessing to share so many joys and tribulations with them this year. "

    Luke Janicki  | ACE 22

    4th-8th Grade Spanish and Language Arts Teacher at St. Mark

    BA in Spanish and English Literature, Gonzaga University

    Originally from Bellevue, WA

  • " At the end of this past year, my students built catapults in my engineering class. One of my favorite moments was when we tested the catapults in class. My students were cheering each other on and so excited about these complex catapults they had built all on their own. It was an awesome moment of class bonding and also a celebration of their success this past year. "

    Patty Yoritomo  | ACE 22

    High School Math and Science Teacher at Notre Dame

    BS in Physics with minors in Mathematics and Theology , The Catholic University of America

    Originally from Montgomery Village, MD

  • "My favorite teaching moment from my first year occurred with a student who was new that year, both to Catholic schools and a normal classroom environment, having been treated as a special education student in his previous schools. It took a while to get him all the tools he needed to be successful, but one day late in the year, he said to me, "I like this school. No one has ever really helped me learn before I came here, but you help me. Thank you." "

    Maddie Basil  | ACE 22

    5th Grade Teacher at St. Mark

    BA in Film, Television, and Theatre with a concentration in Television and minors in Education, Schooling, and Society and Anthropology , University of Notre Dame

    Originally from Apple Valley, MN

  • Luke Janicki
  • Patty Yoritomo
  • Maddie Basil

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