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Principals and Mentors

Principal Evaluations

The principal evaluations are due on November 8th for Fall Semester and April 17th for Spring Semester. The evaluations will be e-mailed to Principals one week prior.


Principal/Mentor Handbook and Flyers

The Principal and Mentor Handbook is available for download here.

The Quick Reference Guide is available for download here for Principals and here for Mentors.


Mentor Forms

A Mentor Guide will be e-mailed to you near the beginning of the school year. It details suggested meeting topics and responsibilities. There is no longer an expectation for mentors to complete a mentor log. 

The Mentor feedback form will be e-mailed to Mentors one week prior to due date. The feedback forms are due on November 5th and April 8th this school year. 

Please note: If you have any questions about the above forms, please email the ACE TA at


Performance Indicators

The ACE Performance Indicators and rubrics used to evaluate ACE Teachers are available here.

Mentor Training Module

To learn more about best mentoring practices and ACE mentor responsibilities, please take this online module prepared by ACE.