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Who We’re Looking For

Alliance for Catholic Education Teaching Fellows 2019

Who is ACE looking for?

We’re looking for energetic, passionate leaders who welcome the challenges of beginning teaching, who can maintain a sense of perspective throughout the two-year experience, and who are able to create community both where they live and in the schools in which they work. Effective ACE teachers demonstrate maturity, leadership skills, and the ability to work independently. Strong candidates for ACE will display an excellent work ethic, a solid academic record, and experience in service and extra-curricular activities.

Still, ACE teachers don’t fit into a mold – there’s no “typical” candidate for the program. We’ve welcomed graduates from nearly every academic discipline from more than 250 colleges and universities across the country and around the world. As an applicant, we’ll get to know you as well as possible, looking beyond your transcripts and resumes as we search for qualified individuals who will bring life and hope to the schools and classrooms we serve.

What can participants teach in ACE?

ACE teachers may teach any subject in every level from 2nd through 12th grade, though they will primarily teach core subject areas such as math, English, science, social studies, or religion. Sometimes schools need teachers to teach a class or two outside these core areas, allowing ACE teachers the chance to work in art, drama, music, physical education, or computers. 

ACE welcomes candidates from all academic disciplines, including education. We encourage applications from individuals with strong backgrounds in mathematics, natural sciences, or foreign language (especially Spanish), and individuals of varying cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

Do I need to be Catholic to apply to ACE?

Religious affiliation is not a determinant for acceptance. Therefore, you need not be Catholic in order to apply and become an ACE teacher.

About Us

The Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) is a two-year fellowship in which participants teach in an under-resourced Catholic school while also earning a cost-free Master of Education degree from the University of Notre Dame. By forming a new generation of committed, faith-filled Catholic school teachers, ACE aspires to sustain and strengthen Catholic education.

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