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Where We Serve: Richmond


Our community has recently moved north from historic Petersburg, Virginia, to the major city of Richmond.  This state capital and home to both Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of Richmond is currently under-going a self-proclaimed Renaissance of urban revival.  As such, Richmond offers a multitude of not only historic sites, but opportunities in the performing arts and major sporting events.  

As the “North of the South and the South of the North,” Richmond boasts surprising diversity in every sense of the word.  Our home is in biking distance, not only from one of the two schools we serve, but the state capitol, both major universities, and numerous cultural districts.  Together, we are - Richmond, VA.

  • Sean Lee
  • Taylor Kelly
  • Sean Tenaglia
  • Abbey Dankoff
  • Sean Lee  | ACE 23

    B.A. in History B.A. in Political Science , University of Oregon

    Originally from New York, NY

  • Taylor Kelly  | ACE 23

    BS in Pre-Professional Studies and Psychology , University of Notre Dame

    Originally from Hudson, OH

  • Sean Tenaglia  | ACE 23

    B.A. in American Studies with minors in Journalism, Education, and Democracy and Education, Schooling, and Society, University of Notre Dame

    Originally from South Weymouth, MA

  • Abbey Dankoff  | ACE 23

    B.A. in Design with minors in Poverty Studies and Peace Studies, Notre Dame

    Originally from Akron, OH

  • Sean Lee
  • Taylor Kelly
  • Sean Tenaglia
  • Abbey Dankoff

Schools We Serve

ACE teachers serve at the following schools:

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