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For more than a decade, the Alliance for Catholic Education's Catholic School Advantage and English as a New Language programs have worked side by side, helping Catholic schools both recruit, enroll, and serve Latino families, as well as form educators to ensure that culturally and linguistically diverse children thrive in Catholic schools. 

We are excited to announce the formal partnership of these two programs under the newly established ALMA Initiative: Advancing Latino and Multilingual Learner Achievement through Catholic Education.

Thank you for your patience as we work to redesign our website and bring all of our programs under one roof. In the meantime, please see our offerings below, which link to the current Catholic School Advantage and English as a New Language pages.

Our Programs

The multifaceted nature of ALMA’s outreach recognizes that Catholic school communities have diverse needs, assets, and opportunities. ALMA programs support school communities wherever they find themselves by forming expert educators and advancing transformational school practices. 

ALMA programs are designed to be layered to promote ongoing formation. Many encompass one or more years, positioning participants to acquire credentials and take on new leadership roles in their schools or diocese. Others, however, offer a more concentrated, short-term approach, such as summer conferences and professional development sessions, while still  providing deeply impactful formation, tangible resources, and innovative practices.

Latino Outreach Programs

English as a New Language Programs