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Applications to join LEAD Cohort 4 will open on December 12, 2022.

Want to learn more about LEAD? Click below to see all of the program details. Do you know a Latina/o educator who would be interested in joining a community of mentorship and support? Let us know who they are and we’ll reach out!


Amplifying the Latino Voice

The Alliance for Catholic Education and the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA) have partnered to offer a new and exciting opportunity. The Latino Educator and Administrator Development (LEAD) program aims to amplify the Latino voice nationally—in the classroom, at the school level, and beyond. This initiative is designed to form, advance, and retain Latino educators in Catholic schools, as well as develop a clearer understanding of how to address the opportunities and challenges that exist in this landscape.

Representation Matters


While Latino children are the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. school population, only 8% of teachers, 4% of board members, and 2% of senior education leaders are Latino (Fernandez, 2018). The majority of Latino Catholic school children, may never be instructed or led by a Latina/o teacher, principal, or administrator.

Research shows that representation matters, and Latino leadership is essential. A shared student and teacher identity (home language, ethnicity, background knowledge, lived experiences, etc.) can lead to improved academic outcomes (Dixon, 2017). Additionally, “by exposing Latino children to more leaders who look like them, it helps them imagine what they want to become and can reinforce strong self-efficacy around the value of their identities and Latinidad. It’s been said ‘you can’t be what you can’t see.’” (Fernandez, 2018).

Do you know of a Latina/o leader who is interested in learning more about pursuing a leadership opportunity in Catholic schools? Consider nominating him or her to join our next LEAD cohort! Click the link below to fill out the LEAD nomination form and we will be happy to reach out.


Nominate a LEADer


For any questions, please contact Kenna Arana at or 574-631-9774.