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About ACE

The Alliance for Catholic Education responds to the needs of the Church’s educational mission through service to children in elementary and secondary schools and strives to sustain, strengthen, and transform Catholic schools. Housed in the Institute for Educational Initiatives at the University of Notre Dame, ACE has become one of the university’s most far-reaching enterprises, present in hundreds of schools, dozens of U.S. Catholic dioceses, and several foreign countries. By preparing teachers and school leaders, providing a range of state-of-the-art services to schools, and facilitating widespread awareness, enthusiasm, and hope, ACE seeks to ensure that none of today’s social and economic hurdles will keep any child from experiencing the gift of an excellent Catholic education.

Since 1993, ACE has offered exceptional academic, experiential, and personal formation to people aspiring to be teachers and ready to serve where they are needed. Truly an alliance between the many stakeholders in Catholic schools, ACE has been honored by the White House, emulated by other universities, and continues to grow in its impact and its spectrum of services. Anchored by the ACE Teaching Fellows program, a Notre Dame tradition which combines professional development, community-building, and spiritual growth, ACE’s dynamic programs and services fall into three categories:


ACE logoFormation for teachers and leaders who serve in Catholic schools

Professional services customized to help Catholic school leaders as clients confronting particular challenges

Outreach opportunities that galvanize Catholic school supporters who want to collaboratively address key concerns in Catholic education, such as parental choice advocacy, urgent educational trends locally and globally, and increasing access for Latino children and families


For more detailed descriptions of ACE's offerings in these three areas, view the Overview of Programs & Services page.