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About ACE

Catholic schools have established themselves as unparalleled engines of both human formation and social transformation. They have a proven record of producing young men and women who are more likely to graduate from high school, engage in the political process, and give back to society through charitable activities.

For the future of our children, our Church, and our nation, it is imperative that we preserve and transform these institutions, which have so much potential to, as Pope Benedict put it, “nurture the soul of our nation.”

We are committed to doing everything we can to achieve this goal, and we need your help. Since the program’s founding in 1993, ACE has strengthened K-12 schools through innovative practices in four realms integral to school transformation: forming talent, expanding access, enhancing school vitality, and conducting research on school improvement.

Today, with a presence in every state in the country, we strive to ensure that all children, regardless of background, have the opportunity to receive an excellent Catholic education.

Learn more about ACE and it's beginnings from Fr. Tim Scully's interview on the "Catholic School Matters" Podcast with Dr. Tim Uhl.