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An Ode To...

by Camila León (ACE 29, Tulsa)

Ms. León's class holding their hands in prayer

Inspired by the poem "Ode to Broken Things" by Pablo Neruda, Camila León's (ACE 29, Tulsa) class wrote a poem about their ode to 5th grade. Please enjoy the video that Ms. León's class made and the written poem below.

An ode to...


Handshakes before class

soccer games before recess

Friday soccer games as a class

And playing soccer on the concrete when it has rained.

To debating whether Ms. Jennifer's 

Waffles or Pancakes

Are better for breakfast. Mr. Jim's hard work

Ms. León's bucks

Highs, lows, and buffalos


El Super Taco across the street

Fist bumps from Father Gabriel

Growing in Faith and Prayer

Attending school Mass,

St. Peter


St. Paul

But most of all...

An amazing 

Year in 5th grade.