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Collaboration, Corners, and Competition: A Glimpse into a Middle School ELA Classroom in Louisville, Kentucky

By Becky Tapanes, ACE 28 (Louisville)

ELA Classroom Tour

At Nativity Academy in Louisville, Kentucky, the walls are bright and the natural light is brighter, bringing lots of energy into my middle school English language arts classroom. When I arrived at Nativity for my first year of teaching, I inherited a classroom that was in need of some love to clean it up. I only had time for the bare minimum, so when it came to my second year, I knew I wanted a more interactive and student-centered classroom. Above all, my main goal was organization and functionality for both my students and myself.

(Hover over the photo to read Becky's tour through her classroom.) 



Thanks for visiting the ELA classroom at Nativity Academy! Let me know if you think of a word to play that would help out the boys ;-)