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Joey Jegier Receives Dr. Pepper Go Teach Tuition Giveaway

by Isabell Gilfoil

Joey Jegier

Joey Jegier, a member of the 30th cohort of ACE Teaching Fellows and a fifth-grade teacher at Holy Redeemer Grade School in Detroit, Michigan, was announced as the Notre Dame recipient of the 2023 Go Teach Dr. Pepper Tuition Giveaway. 

In collaboration with the College Football Playoff Foundation’s Extra Yard for Teachers initiative, the ACC named 15 student-athletes as recipients of the tuition giveaway. Each person received $2,500 on behalf of the College Football Playoff Foundation and Dr. Pepper to assist in their pursuit of a career or degree in education. The grand prize winner will be selected by the ACC’s awards committee.

“I was drawn to teaching because I realized the importance of quality education for the health and happiness of both individual persons and entire societies,” Jegier said. “I am drawn to ACE, in particular, because of the distinctly Catholic community, the support of mentors and professors, and the opportunity to grow in faith and virtue.”

Jegier was a member of the 2018-2019 Notre Dame Track and Field team, where he competed in the weighted throws. During this year, he finished ninth and established a PR in the weight throw at the ACC Indoor Championships. 

“Being involved in both varsity and recreational sports prepared my body to take on the weight of teaching,” Jegier said. “I recognize, through athletics, the various dimensions of intelligence that reach beyond the merely academic such as social, emotional, and kinesthetic intelligence.”

The College Football Playoff Foundation is the largest sports entity in America that is supporting education. Through the Extra Yard for Teachers, the foundation has invested approximately $57 million in support of education, including $833,500 to the University of Notre Dame and the Alliance for Catholic Education, and nearly 500,000 teachers nationwide and about 50,000 schools. 

“I’m honored to have been selected for this scholarship,” Jegier said. “Receiving this award means more meaningful lessons and more relevant experiences for our fifth graders at Holy Redeemer.”

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