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"My Best Quality is Eating" and other 5th-Grade Answers

By Kenta Sachen (ACE 28 - Indianapolis)

5th Grade Answers

We are at the 100-day mark in the school year. While many of the lower elementary grades had celebrations and activities to mark the occasion, I had a Q&A session with my class to reflect on the year so far. Here are some of their responses: 

Comments from Kenta will appear in italics.

Q: What is your best quality or greatest strength?

- “My best quality is math because I have the ability to help other people” - Layla

- “I am good at volleyball so that is my strength” - Mia

- “Amigable y amable” - Esmeralda

- “My best quality is Spanish because I can help others with translating” - Liz

- “My best quality is eating” - Angeli (Out of all the responses I got, this is the one that I identify with the most.)


Q: What is your favorite thing about your family?

- “They are very funny and loveful” - Christofer (Cris is the only person I know that uses this word and I love it.)

- “My big sister teaches me how to do chores” - Victoria

- “My favorite part is that they are here for me” - Josue

- “My dad, mom, brother, little sister and my bunnies” - Vicky

- “When they spill the tea about your aunts and uncles” - Karina


Q: If you were the teacher, what would you teach the class about?

 - “I would teach them how to make evil eye bracelets” - Yamaya

- “I would teach them about animals” - Alison

- “I would teach science about our universe” - Kevin

- “I would teach math because I am really good at it” - Karina

- “How to be just like me” - Atziry (28 Atzirys in one room is a scary thought.)


Q: What is your dream job?

- “My dream is to be famous and make music” - Deybi

- “To be a doctor and do surgery on people” - Victoria

- “Lawyer or to teach how to fight or defend or a car dealer” - Alfredo

- “Youtuber or pro soccer player” - Gustavo

- “To be a teacher because I can make learning fun for the future” - Margarita (A future ACE 41? Mike Comuniello better start recruiting her!)

Q: What is your favorite part of fifth grade so far? 

- “I get to see my teacher every morning and my friend every day” - Yamaya

- “My favorite part is SEL because it calms me down when I am frustrated” - Liz

- “El maestro y por las nuevas personas que conocí” - Esmeralda (“The teacher and the new people I got to meet.” Esmeralda just moved from the Dominican Republic this year, and she’s my favorite Spanish teacher.)  

- “When you got a classroom pet” - Vicky (Bruce Rocklee (aka Broccoli) the Bearded Dragon’s half birthday is coming up soon!)

- “My favorite part is on the weekend when I can sleep” - Josue

Q: What is one change you want to see Mr. Sachen make?

- “I want Mr. Sachen to teach more Japanese” - Kevin

- “I would change his style so he doesn’t wear ties and he can wear Jordans” - Mia

- “I wanna make him bald” - Kayley

- “I want Mr. Sachen to find love” - Yamaya

- “When my hand is raised I don’t want a high five. No. CALL ON ME PLEASE” - Vicky (Vicky must’ve accidentally hit the caps lock button on her hand when she was writing this out.)

While hanging out with some of the second graders who were counting out 100 pieces of their favorite snacks to celebrate the special day (the snacks were a major reason why I was drawn toward them), one of them joyfully told me that there are “only 80 more days” of school left in the year. Amidst all the celebrations, this is a bittersweet reminder that my time with my class is fleeting. I’m blessed to be able to share this Q&A with you because it is a concrete reminder of how honest, funny, and limitless kids can be. I'm cherishing all 80 days I have left with my 28 wonderful friends.