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7 Strategies to Power-Up Learning

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7 Strategies to Power-Up Learning

Leverage Technology to Meet the Needs of ALL Learners

Educators have been told for decades that they should be differentiating their instruction. But, there is a common frustration: no one tells them how or gives them the resources they need to do so. 

Furthermore, as Catholic school educators, we believe that personalizing learning for each unique learner is a way of recognizing the God-given dignity of that child and helping them experience growth and success at their level. 

We at the University of Notre Dame are dedicated to helping teachers in Catholic schools authentically differentiate their instruction for all students.

Higher-Powered Learning empowers Catholic school teachers and leaders to leverage technology and related innovative research-based educational practices to meet the needs of all learners. 

Through our experience and research, we have compiled seven strategies for powering up learning in your classroom or school.

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