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On February 3, 2021, Dr. Rachel Moreno, our beloved colleague who supervised hundreds of ACE teachers and worked with our English as a New Language program, passed away after a bout with pancreatic cancer.

The Rachel Moreno Endowment for Latino Leadership in Catholic Education was created to honor her incredible legacy and advance the mission of supporting Latinx educators interested in pursuing leadership positions in our nation's Catholic schools.

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To learn more about ACE's efforts to develop Latinx leaders in Catholic schools, visit the Latino Educator and Administrator Development program at

Remembering Rachel

John Staud, Ph.D.

Katy Lichon, Ph.D.

Fr. Lou DelFra, CSC

Rachel Moreno Endowment for Latino Leadership in Catholic Education

This photo has surfaced on a few different occasions, and what we've been constantly reminded of is how much she believed in us, and how she challenged us to be better teachers, and advocates, for our students. All four of us continue to teach, and undoubtedly it has been and continues to be Rachel's mentorship that encourages us still.

- Mike Comuniello - ACE 21, Tampa


Recently, when being confronted with an increasing desire to preference Catholic candidates at my school, I harken back to another consistent saying that Rachel would tell me: “We don’t educate non-Catholic students because they are Catholic, we educate those students because WE ARE CATHOLIC.” This universal concern for the dignity of all people is another way I saw Rachel embodying the person of Jesus Christ.

- Peter Corrigan - ACE 11, Tucson

When I explained to Rachel that I had to travel to Arizona from South Bend and would not yet be able to get into the house where I would live, she immediately offered to let me stay in her house in Tucson, and she also lent me her car for over a week to run errands and travel to Phoenix. I will never forget her kindness, and I know she will be looking down on us from heaven.

- Kelly Foyle - ACE 15, Phoenix

When I reached out to Rachel to ask for her support with a student who needed financial assistance to attend a Catholic high school, she did not hesitate to help pitch in. This former student of mine will be working in his own classroom next school year, as well as starting his M.Ed. program.

- Alfonso Magana - ENL 4

I'm now a doctoral student writing my dissertation on racial justice, and I look back in gratitude for Rachel's heartfelt lessons about what it means to approach another's cultural, ethnic, and racial background as sacred.

- Steve Calme - ACE 10, Jacksonville

I remember, when I was to wed, even though she had her hands full serving our ACE teachers, she took the time to sew a beautiful ring pillow. So much of her life was sacramental, and I will remember her in that way.

- Dene Hummon - Remick Leadership Program, Cohort 17

Cancer is something that Rachel and I shared. Several years before her own diagnosis, I was diagnosed and treated for Hodgkin's lymphoma. On at least a monthly basis I received a personalized, handwritten note from Rachel throughout my treatment. She was a woman of such great faith and so much care for those around her. Her little notes made a difference during those challenging months and reminded me of the power of prayer.

- Kaitlyn O’Leary - ACE 15, ChACE 10, ENL 5

I remember telling her about some difficulties I was having getting early intervention therapies for my son. In a moment of exasperation I told her that I wasn't sure what to try next, but I was about ready to start kicking butt and taking names. She smiled and said, "Yes, do that." Systems and institutions sometimes overlook individual kids, but Rachel didn't. And she impressed upon me the importance of advocating for my son and other students like him.

- Shannon Byrne Batal - ACE 11, Tucson

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