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ACE Summer 2022 Photo Gallery

By: Morgan Hale - ACE Communications Summer Intern

Practicum 1

ACE Communications Intern Morgan Hale has spent early mornings, late nights, and everything in between capturing the many elements of ACE Summer 2022.

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Spike Ball

Welcome to ACE 29

ACE 29, the newest cohort of ACE teachers, warmed up for classes in the courtyard of the new Remick Family Hall. 









ACE 28 at lunch

ACE 28 Returns

ACE 28 enjoys lunch together in North Dining Hall during their first week of classes.





ACE 28 in class 1

ACE 28 - Back in Class

ACE teachers found themselves being students again in their elementary methods class.





ACE 28 in class 2

ACE 28 - Back in Class

ACE teachers found themselves being students again in their elementary methods class.





Virginia Walden Ford

Virginia Walden Ford

Virginia Walden Ford, among the first 130 students chosen to desegregate Little Rock’s high schools in the mid-1960s, spoke to the Reform Leaders Summit and ACE teachers.





Early Morning Practicum

First Day of Practicum

ACE 28 was up even earlier than ACE 29 so they could send them off to their first morning of student teaching.





Emerging from Dillon

First Day of Practicum

ACE 29 emerges from Dillon Hall to the cheers and human tunnel of ACE 28.





Celebrating after practicum

First Day of Practicum

ACE 28 celebrates a successful sendoff of ACE 29 to practicum.





Mass with Fr Nate

Evening Mass

Fr. Nate Wills, CSC, celebrates evening Mass in the chapel of Dillon Hall – a staple of ACE Summer.





Chalkboard closeups

Chalkboard Photos

Just like Virginia Walden Ford and many ACE teachers before them, this year's cohort prepares for their chalkboard photos.





Touchdown Jesus

International Visitors

The heads of Catholic education from Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales visited to work collaboratively in how we can strengthen Catholic schools – and saw campus landmarks while they were here.





Remick 20 on campus

Remick Returns

Members of the 20th cohort of the Mary Ann Remick Leadership Program walk across God Quad after returning to campus.





Remick Mass

Remick Opening Mass

Remick Leaders start their summer with their opening Mass.





ACE 28 in class 3

The Learning Continues

ACE 28 works together to correctly sequence and size our solar system's major orbital objects.





ACE 28 in class 4

Making Ice Cream

ACE 28 teachers make ice-cream by hand to demonstrate the chemical processes of mixing and freezing.








The Catholic School Advantage's Adelante summer conference drew school teams from around the country to learn how to market to and recruit Latino families and welcome them in a way that draws on their gifts and talents.





AICSN at the Grotto

Visiting the Grotto

The American Indian Catholic Schools Network gathered on campus for a week of building community and skills.



First day of Remick classes

First Day of Remick Classes

Michael Zelenka started his Remick class with a talk in Notre Dame's Log Chapel. 





Remick at Moreau

Across the Lake

All three cohorts of the Remick Leadership Program stood together for a photo at Moreau Seminary.




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