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Job Board Update - Defined

Martha O'Rourke Vitton (ACE IV - Shreveport), the Manager of Partnerships for the West at Defined, sat down with Tim Will to share an exciting opportunity for ACE graduates and friends.

Defined's mission is to empower teachers to engage students in meaningful project-based learning that builds future-ready skills needed to succeed in careers and life.

  • Defined Learning has more than 450 authentic performance tasks that are standards-aligned and provide students with exposure to careers. It is designed to engage students and allow them to apply their learning in real world situations. 
  • Defined Careers uses PBL to allow students a career experience based on their interests, values and study preferences. It is designed to support students with planning their post-secondary pathway.

In addition to providing the two platforms, Defined also provides extensive professional learning opportunities for teachers and administrators. For all ACE educators, Defined will provide free trial access for 30 days. Send Martha a quick email with your request at and be sure to include your name, role, and state where you work.

For a quick look at Define's approach, check out:

Defined in 2 Minutes

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