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Goal: Enhancing Vitality

American Indian Catholic Schools Network

American Indian Catholic Schools Network

We aim to create a foundation of mutual leadership that encourages and supports each member school in its ministry, while strengthening our collective ability to fulfill our mission.

University of Notre Dame Center for Literacy Education

Center for Literacy Education

We foster collaboration between the Institute for Educational Initiative's literacy education faculty and Notre Dame's College of Arts and Letters with the goal of transforming literacy scholarship and practice in today's K-12 multicultural schools.

University of Notre Dame Center for STEM Education

Center for STEM Education

We strive to make a lasting impact in STEM education through research and the translation of evidence-based findings into programs that have broader impacts on student interest in, identity with, and learning of the STEM disciplines.

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Higher-Powered Learning

We empower Catholic school teachers and leaders to leverage technology and related innovative research-based educational practices to meet the needs of all learners.

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Notre Dame ACE Academies

We are a network of schools that strive to provide a Catholic education of the highest quality to as many children as possible.

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We are dedicated to shepherding students to college and heaven by accompanying them on their educational journeys. We team with schools to provide the tools children need to develop strong character and deepen their spirituality through each stage of their education.