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  • ACE Ireland Missioning Mass 2016

    ACE Ireland Missioning Mass 2016

    The annual ACE Ireland Missioning Mass will be celebrated on Friday, May 13th 2016. On this evening the ACE Ireland community will celebrate Caoimhe Corkery and Rebecca Hornsby and their commitment to Catholic schools. Both Caoimhe and Rebecca have been selected to be part of the ACE Teaching Fellows Programme, which is two-year teaching and service initiative where they will receive a M.Ed from the University of Notre and spend two academic years teaching in an under-resourced Catholic School in the United States.

  • "Checking-in From Chicago"

    For the month of March, naturally my Second Grade class learned all about the story of St. Patrick and Ireland. The students were assigned poster projects at the beginning of the month that had to be completed by March 17th. These posters needed to have information about Ireland on them and designed so they had the Irish flag and map of Ireland on them. I was so proud of all my students when they brought their projects in to present! They all did a fantastic job and they seemed to really enjoy researching and learning about Ireland.

  • "The Name of God is Mercy"

    Pope Francis has a lot of things to say about mercy. In an interview he gave last July to a Vatican reporter, Francis was quoted as saying that “Mercy is God’s most powerful message.” His most powerful message. In this world, I’m not sure people associate the notions of mercy and power all too often, but that is exactly what Francis seeks to do with his proclamation of this Jubilee Year of Mercy. He wants to say, unambiguously, that the great Mercy of God is the key “piece of the puzzle,” if you will. It is not only the means by which the Father reconciles us to Himself through Christ, but it in fact constitutes the very essence of the Father Himself. It tells us something important about Him, about “the way He operates.” “The name of God is Mercy,” declares Pope Francis. This is a bold statement, and one that deserves some attention from each one of us.