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ACE-Ireland seeks to identify, motivate, and develop leaders that are committed to revitalizing the Catholic character of Irish primary and secondary schools in the 21st century.

  • Seeds of Openness Sown in the Classroom

    Seeds of Openness Sown in the Classroom

    For many growing up in the early to mid-eighties in Ireland our first exposure to 'other', to people 'not like us', or not 'from here', came in the classroom. Every Lenten season the Trócaire boxes arrived, as they still do, in schools around the country. On each of them was often a striking picture of a young child, much the same age as we were, but in some way different. To our innocent and curious six year old selves we couldn't quite articulate what this difference was but we recognised it. The image of the Trócaire box popped into my head as I reflected on the recent survey from the European Commission showing that Ireland had the third highest level of openness to immigrants (80%) after Spain (83%) and Sweden (81%). The EU28 average is 58%.

  • Irish Teaching Fellows

    Irish Teaching Fellows

    Every year two recent Irish college graduates are chosen to be part of the newest class of ACE Teaching Fellows and from that point on they are known as Irish ACErs!!

    The Irish participants in the ACE Teaching Fellows undertake the same programme as their American classmates. If you would like more information about the ACE Teaching Fellows please continue to the following: http://ace.nd.edu/teach/why-ace-teaching-fellows