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Class during COVID at St. Joseph Mission School in San Fidel, NM

By: St. Joseph Mission School Staff

In San Fidel our mission school bell rings at 8am, taking the term “bell schedule” literally where each week our students take turns to ring the bell through a rope from the bell tower. The tradition of the school started in 1923, and almost 100 years later (we are planning for our school centennial celebration as we write to you) we welcome 43 students to the school. This means we are able to cap our class size 12 students per teacher, so we are able to provide a more individual learning experience for our students with their teachers. 

The school year of 2021-2022 has evidently been made different because of the pandemic, and so our students and teachers are participating in a hybrid learning environment, where we are keeping the school open for in-person learning and offering a zoom compatible version for select students in virtual classrooms. We are so grateful to be able to have our in-person classrooms again as we know that learning is more greatly impactful through interaction and connection. 

We are happy to share that the protocols and practices our team has enforced with the school community have proven to be successful thus far. We know that for students who have entered into school during the pandemic, this is the only school system they know, whereas our older students have transitioned into these new habits of the world we know today. We commend our students for their mindfulness and their humility in caring for one another.

A Day in the Life of Amaya

Video filmed and edited by Amaya, St. Joseph Mission School 7th grade student.

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