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Previous Recordings and Materials

A Recipe for PIE with Isabel Teixeira and Terri Thursby
Tuesday, March 14

A Lenten Journey for All: Resources to Journey Through Lent Together with Dr. Michael Boyle, Ph.D.
Tuesday, February 14


Where Two or More are Gathered: A conversation with PIE partner schools with multiple PIE educators
Tuesday, January 10

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Inclusion Inspirations from Our Lady with ENL
Tuesday, December 13

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Habits of Wellness with Judy Madden
Tuesday, November 8

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Addressing Awareness with Resources
Tuesday, October 11

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Growing PIE's Family
Tuesday, September 13

Learn about the cohort program and hear the unique perspectives of our PIE inclusive educators. Applications open October 1, 2022!

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Positive Parental Involvement
Tuesday, May 10th

The PIE Team is grateful to have mission-driven inclusive educators participate in the PIE cohort program. This month we discussed Positive Parental Involvement when it comes to inclusion in our Catholic schools. 

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A Conversation about SEL with the PIE Team
Tuesday, April 12th

In today's Catholic classrooms, we find academic, behavioral, executive functioning, and social emotional variability. As educators, we understand that learning is a complex endeavor and we need to tend to all needs, not just the academic ones. The Program for Inclusive Education (PIE) encourages you to think about the whole child as you plan and instruct. In this month's blog, PIE focuses on social emotional learning or SEL.

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Rejecting the Reflexive Response of "No"
Tuesday, March 8th

The Program for Inclusive Education (PIE) is excited to talk with Kevin Baxter, Director of the Mary Ann Remick Leadership Program at ACE about rejecting the reflexive "no" to inclusion and intentionally seeking to welcome, serve, and celebrate every student. His perspective on inclusion through a leader’s lens is insightful, yet practical. Having conversations with parents, understanding what a school/diocese can currently provide, and creatively exploring ways to include and plan for students with different abilities are paramount

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Tuesday, February 8th
Talking Inclusion with Friends from NCEA

The PIE Team welcomed Jill Annable, Senior Vice President of Programs for NCEA, and Colleen McCoy-Cejka, the Director of Professional Learning for NCEA.

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Tuesday, January 11th
Celebrating Catholic Schools Week Inclusively

PIE advocates for the intentional integration of inclusive practices and encourages you to lead with them during Catholic Schools Week (CSW)!

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Tuesday, December 14th
Executive Functioning Tips

Members of the PIE Team explore specific strategies to address Executive Functioning to support students during the holiday break.

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Tuesday, November 9th
Ripples of Inclusion

Mary Desmarais, the inclusion specialist and expanded services teacher at Bishop O’Connell High School in Arlington, Virginia, shared tips for ways schools can ride the ripples of inclusion and rise to the challenge to welcome all learners.


Tuesday, October 12th
PIE 101

The PIE team provides an overview of the licensure program and answers questions about the application process, coursework, community, and cost/financial aid.


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Tuesday, September 14th
It Only Takes a Spark!

Lynn Hire, the executive director of the FIRE Foundation (, joined the Program for Inclusive Education to talk about advocacy and funding for inclusion!


Tuesday, June 8th
Opening Doors for All Students

Sean Jorgenson (President), Kyle McElvany (Director) and the Goda family (Steve, Aimee, and Jacob) share the successes they've experienced in the St. Mary Catholic Central High School's St. Andre Bessette Open Doors Inclusion Program since its inception three years ago, and offer an example of how other schools can create similar initiatives to welcome, serve, and celebrate all students in Catholic schools. 

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Tuesday, May 11
Digital Solutions for Today & Tomorrow

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Dr. Sean Smith from the PIE faculty will provide practical ways to make your classroom more inclusive through the use of technology. 

Tuesday, April 13 
Inclusion...Just Say Yes!

Beth Foraker, the founder and director of the National Catholic Board on Full Inclusion, and her son Patrick share their inclusion journey and why saying yes to inclusion is so important for the future of our Catholic schools. 

Tuesday, March 9 
5 Myths of Inclusion


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Tuesday, February 9 
PIE & Why

Tuesday, January 12 
Tips for Using Title Funds

Tips for Tapping Title Funds PDF 

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Tuesday, November 10
An Overview of the Program for Inclusive Education

Wednesday, September 30 - 7:00-8:00 PM Eastern
Planning and Designing for an *Inclusive* Hybrid/Online Learning Experience

This interactive session features ways educators can plan and design for the needs of ALL learners in the ever-changing hybrid/fully online classroom. Using SMARTER planning and the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Framework, educators can embed effective strategies and digital solutions to allow students options in understanding content, sharing what they know, and enhancing their level of engagement. This proactive approach removes learning barriers, herein reducing stress at home while learning. Participants obtained critical concepts and strategies and engage in thoughtful conversation about future implementation.

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