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Supporting Literacy Instruction: Remick Faculty Member to Partner with Holy Cross College on $496,000 Lilly Endowment Grant

by Isabell Gilfoil

Betsy Okello talking to Remick students in summer class

Holy Cross College received a $496,148 grant from the Lilly Endowment to support the education program to continue to provide professional learning and coaching opportunities to in-service teachers and to support preservice teachers to apply the science of reading to their classroom instruction. Betsy Okello, faculty at the University of Notre Dame with the Mary Ann Remick Leadership Program under the Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE), will continue to serve as the Lead Consultant and primary literary expert. This grant will allow Holy Cross College to collaborate with three local PreK-8 Catholic schools, Saint Adalbert School, Holy Cross School, and Saint Joseph Grade School, all led by Remick graduates. Each school will select a team of three to pursue its own goals related to the implementation of science of reading practices and will receive funds to create classroom and school libraries that align with best practices. This three-year partnership will ensure that Holy Cross College students observe and interact with cooperating teachers who enact best practices in the field and will also ensure that the children we serve become excellent readers and writers. 

“I am thrilled about this opportunity to continue to work with our Remick graduates on improving literacy! Partnering with the principals and teachers of Saint Adalbert, Holy Cross School, and Saint Joseph Grade School will ensure that the children in our local Catholic schools will continue to grow as joyful and excellent readers and writers,” Okello said. “These Catholic schools will be excellent models for Holy Cross College student teachers, ACE Teaching Fellows, and Remick Leaders to witness and learn from."

The original press release was posted by Holy Cross College. To view this, please follow this link