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Apply to the Reform Leaders' Summit

To apply for the 2020-2021 Reform Leaders Summit you will need to submit a resume and respond to one of the following two prompts. 

This year's application deadline is Friday, March 20. We select applicants on a rolling basis and aim to have the cohort fully selected by May 1st. 

Option 1:

In 350 words or fewer, please respond to Professors Brinig and Garnett's statement about the relevance of the choice movement to the broader issues of civic vitality. In what way(s) do you see your involvement in this work as a response to the need of ensuring the future quality, sustainability, and accessibility of schools that "generate the social capital needed to make urban neighborhoods work"? 

“Catholic schools have, for decades, helped generate the social capital needed to make urban neighborhoods work, and their disappearance raises serious concerns. Thus, in good times and perhaps especially in bad, policy makers and Catholic Church leaders alike should confront these concerns and, when possible, take steps to preserve the schools for their students and their neighborhoods.”

Option 2:

In 350 words or less, please respond to the following questions: What does the phrase "parental choice" mean to you? Why does it matter?


Please send a resume and response (in PDF) to Anna Busse at .