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Pursuing Achievement Through Higher Education (PATH) Tucson is dedicated to shepherding all current and alumni students of Santa Cruz and St. John the Evangelist on the path to and through college and to heaven by accompanying them on their educational journeys through tracking, supporting, and coaching. We team with the schools to provide the tools our children need to develop strong character and strengthen their spirituality through each stage of their education.

Components of PATHWe accomplish this through our three components:

  • PATH Persistence Class
    Weekly courses for middle school scholars on developmentally appropriate hard and soft skills needed en route to higher education (ex. organizational skills, choosing the best fit high school, self-advocacy, etc.)
  • PATH Summer Rising Experience
    Optional 3-summer commitment for rising 6th - 8th graders to experience dynamic academic enrichment, character formation, and college preparation with college students as their teachers
  • GPS - Graduate Persistence Support
    Counseling to help navigate the journey through high school and post-secondary education (ex. Social-emotional counseling, choosing a best fit college, applying for financial aid, securing internships, etc.)

Where We Serve

PATH (Tucson) serves current students and alumni of Santa Cruz and St. John the Evangelist Catholic Schools. The PATH Summer Experience is hosted at St. Augustine Catholic High School.

Current Map:


Helping scholars build healthy mindsets: "I am a hard worker." "School teaches me valuable skills." "I expect to do well in school."

PATH Persistence Class

  • "I have learned about how stuff works after we leave middle school...we don't learn about that in other classes."
  • "I've learned...that every minute does count no matter what the situation is."

In the '20-'21 school year that was entirely virtual, middle school scholars in PATH Tucson report that they found great value in the course:

PATH impact graph

Summer Impact - Middle School PATHfinders


PATH - 94 Percent to Catholic High School
of our summer participants have gone on to Catholic high school (which have a 99% graduation rate nationally)
PATH - 85 Percent Changed Attitude Toward School
of PATHfinders say their attitude toward school has changed
PATH - 100 Percent Helped College and Heaven
of PATHfinders say the assemblies helped with their preparation for college and heaven
PATH 95 Percent say PATH Summer has a lot of value
of participants described PATH Summer as having a lot of value

PATHfinder Testimonials

  • "I feel like PATH helped me prepare for my future by gaining a little bit of confidence. [Now I know] that everything might not go your way or as you planned, but you'll still be able to learn, especially from your mistakes."
  • "I wouldn't change anything because I feel it has helped me learn a lot and have fun at the same time."

Summer Impact - Families

Since our first summer, 99% of families have said they found PATH Summer to be valuable.

Parent Testimonials

  • "My child loved the experience, love, and support he got from PATH; he did very well and came out of his shell."
  • "My son enjoyed making new friends. We love the structure the teachers represented and how they teach."

Summer Impact - College Student Teachers

75% are teachers of color (compared to the national average of about 20%)

55% are considering a career in teaching more seriously after teaching with PATH

Rising Student Teacher Testimonials

  • "PATH has broadened my perspective on education and teaching."
  • "[PATH] tested some of my limits, but it also helped me learn more about myself."
  • "I got my most intensive experience with teaching this summer with PATH, and it is safe to say that it is something that I really want to pursue going forward!"
  • "I had a chance to stand in solidarity with the students I served. Day in and day out I had a chance to hear their story. It gave me a chance to love my students more."
  • "I have a better sense of self-giving service -- both for students and teammates."

Summer Impact - ICs and Deans

  • "Being a part of PATH is a good reminder that no matter how experienced you are as a teacher, there are always areas to grow in and things we can learn."
  • "It helped me broaden my perspective and enriched my knowledge in classroom management and lesson strategies."

Calendar and Timeline

  • PATH Teacher Onboarding: May 29 - June 7
  • PATHfinders’ Summer: June 10 - July 17
  • PATH Teacher Wrap-Up: July 18 - 19

Applications for the position of PATH Teacher are currently on a rolling basis, so please reach out as soon as possible to learn more and inquire about open positions for the summer in Tucson, AZ!

Get Involved

Thank you for your interest in PATH Tucson! We'd love for you to get more involved in our mission! Volunteer inquiries and application questions can be sent via email to Yvonne Chavez.

Apply to be a PATH Rising Student Teacher

Notre Dame Undergrads:

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Apply to be a PATH Leader-in-Training

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Contact Us

Want to learn more about PATH? Please reach out!

  • Alec Torigian, National Coordinator - - 574.631.3438

  • Yvonne Chavez, Graduate Support Program Coordinator (Middle School) - - 520.965.8091

  • Jessica Papariella, Graduate Support Program Coordinator (High School) - - 928.853.7021

  • Ryan Clark, Ph.D., Director, Notre Dame ACE Academies - - 574.631.8991

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