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Reform Leaders' Summit


Reform Leaders Summit

The Reform Leaders' Summit is an intensive formation experience designed explicitly for Catholic school supporters. It was developed in response to the recommendation of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops:

“As the primary educators of their children, parents have the right to chose the school best suited for them. The entire Catholic community should be encouraged to advocate for parental school choice and personal and corporate tax credits, which will help parents to fulfill their responsibility in educating their children.”

The Reform Leaders' Summit aims to equip leaders with the skills and abilities needed to support parental rights and equity in education. Each year, we select a cohort of 30-40 talented leaders who engage in a program consisting of 3 seminars over the course of 12 months. These seminars are facilitated by a team of moderators including policy makers, school (and school system) leaders, researchers, education entrepreneurs, and funders. 

What will participants take away?

  • Working relationships with the nation's top parental choice thought-leaders
  • An increased understanding of the legal, social, constitutional, political, and moral dimensions of parental choice public policy in the United States.
  • First hand experience of parental choice's impact on families, communities, and educational systems.
  • The ability to advocate for parental choice public policy in their home states.

Who should apply?

  • Graduates of Alliance for Catholic Education Programs
  • Catholic School Leaders and Supporters
  • Members of School Choice and Parent Advocacy Groups

Reform Leaders will demonstrate intellectual ability, leadership potential, dedication to Catholic education, and a desire to be active in the school choice movement. 

The format for the 13th Cohort of Reform Leaders is as follows:

  • June 18-20, 2021: New Orleans, Louisiana
  • January 7-9, 2022: Tampa, Florida
  • June 3-5, 2022: Chicago, Illinois

This is a fully-funded fellowship, including travel to and from the 3 seminars, lodging, and meals.

Cohort 13 applications are due by Friday, March 26, 2021. We aim to have the cohort fully selected by April 30.


If you have any questions, please contact Iona Popa: , 574-631-7273.