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Career Launch: How Caddying Helped Michael Davis Land a Job at Holy Cross High School

Note: This article was previously published by Caddyshack to Corner Office.

Michael Davis_ND Photo

Michael shares how caddying at Prestwick Country Club helped him become an Evans Scholar at Notre Dame and land a great job. He is a math and theology Teacher and coaches basketball and track at Holy Cross High School in Louisville, Ky.

Why do you love your job so much?

Above all else, I enjoy the opportunity to build relationships, particularly with my students. To be able to regularly remind my students that I am invested in and committed to their academic, athletic, and spiritual growth gives me great purpose and drive. They are able to recognize over time that I push them solely to see them grow, allowing me to then push them even further once they know that I have their best interests in mind.

ND Evans Scholar Invitational
The Inaugural Notre Dame Evans Scholars Invitational, which Michael started.

How did caddying help prepare you for this role?

The skills gained through caddying come into play in my role every single day! From communicating effectively and efficiently with administration, parents, and students to prioritizing academic and professional demands, caddying has undoubtedly set me up for success in how to carry out my responsibilities in a professional and mature manner. Starting to caddy, teach, or perform nearly any other job is similar in that, at first, your head is spinning while getting acclimated to a host of unknowns. Caddying in particular has prepared me for such situations in helping me focus on controlling what I can control and forming genuine, intentional relationships with those around me.

Did anyone that you met caddying help you land your dream job? If so, please explain.

While I have not had a clear connection between my caddying and teaching careers, I would be remiss to not mention a few influential folks at Prestwick who encouraged me in my academic and professional pursuits, especially as it pertains to the Evans Scholarship: Peter Kroner, Larry Hackett, and Tom Watson. These men were significant resources in both the growth of my caddying career and the success of my Evans application, and, without caddying and the Evans scholarship, I surely would not be where I am today professionally.

ND Evans Scholar Photo

Can you name someone whose career inspires you and that you'd like to emulate?

The careers of both my sister (speech-language pathologist) and my dad (physical therapist) inspire me in that they are intently committed to doing their job well. I have witnessed few people attack every day of their jobs with the vigor and enthusiasm to perform their job to the best of their abilities quite like my sister and my dad.

What's the best perk of your job?

As simple as it may sound, the best perk of my job is the ability to get into my school's athletic events free of charge. I love seeing my students pour themselves into all of their endeavors, and I make it a point to regularly remind them of that, so I do not take lightly the opportunity to support them doing what they love to do – no matter what that may be.