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Latino Enrollment Institute

The Latino Enrollment Institute (LEI) provides school principals, administrators, teachers, and pastors with marketing strategies and school culture interventions to help Catholic schools attract and serve Latino families in their local community. This year-long program begins with a four-day summer conference at Notre Dame, followed by ongoing consultation and follow-up from an LEI mentor, as well as monthly guided discussions with a cohort of principals in the program. We also offer this program at a regional and (arch)diocesan level.

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Adelante builds on the success of the Latino Enrollment Institute (LEI), which for nine years has been an exceptionally effective engine of Latino enrollment growth in Catholic schools around the country. While the LEI’s explicit focus on school-level change necessitates the commitment of school teams, Adelante offers an alternative, which is open to a variety of constituents. Join us for this annual summer conference!

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Latino Educator and Administrator Development Program

The Latino Educator and Administrator Development (LEAD) program, a collaboration between ACE and NCEA, is the newest initiative from the Catholic School Advantage. LEAD aims to strengthen the Latino voice in both the classroom and school level by inviting, advancing, and retaining Latino educators in Catholic schools and fostering a better understanding of the opportunities and challenges that exist in this landscape.

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School Pastors' Institute

The School Pastors' Institute (SPI) is a leadership formation symposium for pastors of Catholic schools, designed to respond to the unique and increasingly complex challenges and opportunities related to serving as a pastor of a parish school. This three-day, two-night conference at Notre Dame features a keynote address from a bishop, followed by a series of workshops focused on topics related to transformative school leadership.

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