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The ACE Principal Academy provides Fellows with professional development and individual coaching support that costs $12,500 per year, per school Fellow. ACE and Notre Dame understand that schools, (arch)dioceses, and individual Fellows may not possess the resources to invest in such robust leadership development experiences. To make this program more accessible to Catholic school leaders, ACE and the University continually work with foundations, benefactors, and partner (arch)dioceses to secure additional funding to defray program costs for participants. 

Cabrini Fellows

The 2024-2025 participant cost for the Cabrini Fellowship is $4,000 per year, per Fellow. Past participants have been successful in securing federal title funds to pay for this program. Others have used professional development funds allocated in the local school budget. We also encourage the (arch)diocese or school to contribute towards this remaining cost to participants when possible. Each fellow is responsible for the participant cost as well as travel expenses to and from the University for the summer institute, retreat, and regional immersions. 

ACE Principcal Academy Timeline