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Life in the City

Chicago is a city filled with culture, food and sports. From deep dish Chicago-style pizza to Chicago dogs, there's something for every foodie. The Shedd Aquarium and Field Museum provide day long adventure destinations. Loyalties will be tested as Chicago boasts two baseball teams, the White Sox and Cubs.

ACE Chicago

HometownEmily Curtis

Los Altos, CA

Undergraduate Institution

Villanova University

Undergraduate Studies

Majors: English and Communication

Why did you say "yes" to serving children in Catholic schools through ACE?

I strongly believe teaching as a Catholic Educator is a vocation. The mission of the ACE program is one I feel called to and couldn’t be more excited to serve Chicago Catholic Schools!

HometownChris Dean

Richmond, VA

Undergraduate Institution

Trinity College

Undergraduate Studies

Major: English Literature & Economics

HometownMolly Gibbons

Novato, CA

Undergraduate Institution

Princeton University

Undergraduate Studies

Major: Public & International Affairs

Why did you say "yes" to serving children in Catholic schools through ACE? 

All children deserve access to the joy, freedom, and future social mobility afforded to students in excellent classrooms. They also deserve to know how much God truly loves them. People gave me both those gifts and now it is my turn to pay it forward.

HometownMichael Hanisch

Tulsa, OK

Undergraduate Institution

University of Notre Dame

Undergraduate Studies

Major: Program of Liberal Studies

Minor: Computing & Digital Technologies 

If you had to pick just one word to describe your ACE experience so far, what would it be? 

Scaffolding. During ACE Summer, I constantly walked by the Golden Dome that has shone gold the last four years and have seen it covered in grey scaffolding. I’ve convinced myself that this is a symbol for myself in this period of my life, rebuilding myself so that I can shine for others.

HometownBenjamin MacDonald

Smithfield, RI

Undergraduate Institution

Providence College

Undergraduate Studies

Majors: History & Secondary Education

Why did you say "yes" to serving children in Catholic schools through ACE?

I said "yes" to ACE to serve students and their communities and to be a source of positivity and guidance in and out of the classroom. Being a teacher is a tremendous responsibility and ACE has provided an opportunity for me to become a better man, leader and the best teacher I can possibly be for my students!

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