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Where We Serve: Chicago


Chicago is a city filled with culture, food and sports. From deep dish Chicago-style pizza to Chicago dogs, there's something for every foodie.  The Shedd Aquarium and Field Museum provide day long adventure destinations. Loyalties will be tested as Chicago boasts two baseball teams, the White Sox and Cubs.

  • Soracha O'Rourke
  • Mary Grace Mangano
  • Thomas Yarcusko
  • Ted Korolyshun
  • Anne Raun
  • Richard  Ongwela
  • "I don't think anyone else understands first-year teacher life than other teachers, so I can't imagine receiving the same support, forgiveness and love from a different group of people. It's also funny how genuine our community experience was, I really consider my community to be some of my closest friends and not just a collection of housemates. "

    Soracha O'Rourke  | ACE 22

    3rd Grade Teacher at Maternity BVM School

    Bachelors in Education and Psychology, Mary Immaculate College

    Originally from Galway, Ireland

  • "My favorite teaching moment was when the quietest girl in my seventh grade class came up to me during homeroom, which is always chaotic, and slipped me a piece of paper. In her soft pencil writing, I read a poem she had written for me, thanking me for being her teacher and helping her to know God. In the moment, it slowed me down to remind me how amazing it is that I get to touch the lives of my students and that it is such a privilege to watch them grow and figure out who they are. "

    Mary Grace Mangano  | ACE 22

    Middle School Language Arts and Religion Teacher at St. Ann School

    BA in English and Honors, Concentration in Writing and Rhetoric, minor in Italian , Villanova University

    Originally from Clinton, NJ

  • "The lessons of patience, humor, and selflessness I've learned as an elementary teacher will stick with me as I journey into the future. I trust this experience will make me a better father, husband, and friend. "

    Thomas Yarcusko  | ACE 23

    High School Language Arts Teacher at Notre Dame College Prep

    BA in English Literature and German, Miami University (OH)

    Originally from Lakewood, OH

  • "You see God in your students so strongly, and it is difficult to understand until you have spent at least some time teaching them and caring about them. They become your life, and everyday I wanted nothing other than to see their smiles and hear their laughter, and I have been missing them since the first day of summer. I saw God quite clearly in each of their faces everyday. "

    Ted Korolyshun  | ACE 22

    5th Grade Teacher at Maternity BVM

    BA in American Studies with minors in Constitutional Studies and Business Economics, University of Notre Dame

    Originally from Derby, CT

  • "I wanted to be an ACE teacher because I believe every child has the capacity to succeed if provided with quality education and intentional direction. Additionally, I wanted to make a difference through an organization that works to encourage children not only toward academic success, but also toward holiness and virtue. God put it on my heart to work with youth, so I couldn't help but say "yes" to serving children in Catholic schools when I got my offer from ACE. "

    Anne Raun  | ACE 23

    High School Language Arts Teacher at Our Lady of Tepeyac

    BA in Multimedia Journalism with minors in English Literature and Spanish, Oklahoma State University

    Originally from Stillwater, OK

  • " My faith is everything to me, so in my philosophy of education I build my teaching practice upon the cornerstone of faith. I say this because as an educator working in various environments can be a challenge, but when you lean on faith you can receive both strength and wisdom to make it through any difficult time. "

    Richard Ongwela  | ACE 23

    Middle School Social Studies Teacher at St. Malachy

    BA in History with a minor in Political Science, Andrews University

    Originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee

  • Soracha O'Rourke
  • Mary Grace Mangano
  • Thomas Yarcusko
  • Ted Korolyshun
  • Anne Raun
  • Richard  Ongwela

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