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Where We Serve: Dallas


Dallas is a large city with just about everything: professional sports teams, wonderful museums, great places to eat, and rush hour traffic.  We are just a short drive away from the Fort Worth house. We have the largest ACE community and we are always ready for an adventure.

Our community loves two-stepping, having burgers at Twisted Root, and going for walks and runs around White Rock Lake.  There is always something interesting to do in Dallas!

  • Bridgette McDermott
  • John Groden
  • Rebecca Richards
  • Andrew Brimeyer
  • Donovan Kelly
  • Brighid Corr
  • Mary Ostrowski
  • Xiomara Cuadra
  • Tommy Sullivan
  • Cassidy Whidden
  • "This past year, our classroom motto was "Magis," which is a Jesuit term that means "Be More." Students would write affirmations for their peers, throughout the week, when they noticed them living out the "Magis" and would place them in the "Magis Moments" jar. These notes would be read aloud in class every Friday. One Monday morning, my student Ariel ran into my classroom very excitedly, explaining that she had spent all weekend writing "Magis Moments" for her classmates. She probably had about 100 notes, expressing such beautiful words of affirmation. In that moment, I saw just how meaningful our work is in molding the minds and hearts of these young individuals. "

    Bridgette McDermott  | ACE 22

    4th Grade Teacher at St. Elizabeth of Hungary

    BA in Communication and Philosophy, Boston College

    Originally from Port Washington, NY

  • "I have seen God in the faces of my students and my community members as we shared our stories together at retreats, prayer, and just everyday life. Everyone is made in the image and likeness of God in their own quirky way. My experience ACE has helped me see each individual person as the protagonist of their own story and not just an "other." "

    John Groden  | ACE 22

    Social Studies Teacher at Bishop Dunne High School

    BA in History with a minor in Peace Studies, University of Notre Dame

    Originally from Glenview, IL

  • "My favorite teaching moment occurred when one of my seventh grade students excitedly ran to show me his report card. He had been struggling for many years, but this year was especially difficult given personal circumstances at home. We worked together as much as possible, and I always emphasized to him that I believed in him. As he ran to show me his grades for the second quarter, he said, "Look! You said I could do it, and I did! Thank you." This was such a rewarding moment since he had been able to gain the self-confidence and determination he needed to continue this success despite all of the obstacles he faced."

    Rebecca Richards  | ACE 22

    Middle School Language Arts and Religion Teacher at Bishop Dunne Catholic School

    BA in Linguistics and English, Duke University

    Originally from Wilkes-Barre, PA

  • "I saw God in my students each and every day in ACE. When I was at my lowest points during the year, my students were always there to greet me with a smile, and bring lighthearted goofiness into my life. In a year with so many trials, my students were a daily reminder of why I was doing what I was doing."

    Andrew Brimeyer  | ACE 22

    Middle School Language Arts Teacher at Mary Immaculate

    BA in English Literature and Business Management., Augustana College

    Originally from Dubuque, IA

  • "My favorite teaching moment happened in sophomore Theology in the second semester. My students were having a discussion on "The Great Divorce" by C.S. Lewis and they delved into the difference between joy and happiness. Their articulation of the difference between joy and happiness was profound and showed me the joy of teaching. "

    Donovan Kelly  | ACE 22

    Language Arts and Spanish Teacher at Bishop Dunne High School

    BA in English and Economics with a concentration in Spanish, University of Dallas

    Originally from Indian Head Park, IL

  • "My favorite teaching momt was when our class pet, Bubba, emerged from his chrysalis in the middle of our reading lesson, he totally stole the show. The lesson never really got back on track but it was worth it. One of my students, a week later, said "That was just the coolest thing I have EVER seen." "

    Brighid Corr  | ACE 22

    4th Grade Teacher at St. Pius X

    BS in Elementary and Special Education, Gwynedd Mercy University

    Originally from Collegeville, PA

  • "It's hard to pick a favorite, but one of the most rewarding moments was when one of my non-native Spanish students stood in front of the entire school during rosary and lead the school in saying a Spanish rosary. Not only was he excellent (and made me so proud!!) but the rest of the school (who I taught for Spanish) could follow along and say the prayers in Spanish. It was incredible to see tangible evidence that they were learning! "

    Mary Ostrowski  | ACE 22

    2nd-8th Grade Spanish Teacher at Santa Clara

    BA in Spanish with a minor in Business Economics, University of Notre Dame

    Originally from Atlanta, GA

  • "During challenging times, my faith is what gives me hope that I am capable of overcoming any challenge. My faith has shown me that I am never alone because God has always made his presence known."

    Xiomara Cuadra  | ACE 23

    Middle School Math Teacher at St. Mary of Carmel

    BS in Mathematics, St. Mary's San Antonio

    Originally from Houston, TX

  • "Just having people to share stories and struggles with at the end of the day is extremely valuable. They will be there for me whenever I need it. "

    Tommy Sullivan  | ACE 23

    High School Math Teacher at Bishop Dunne

    BS in Mathematics with a minor in Chinese, Boston College

    Originally from Wilmette, IL

  • "Living in the Dallas community was such a blessing. My community became my safe haven. My community was a place where I could laugh, cry or both without judgement. My community showered me with love everyday. "

    Cassidy Whidden  | ACE 22

    4th-8th Grade Social Studies Teacher at St. Elizabeth of Hungary

    BA in History and Film, Television and Theatre, University of Notre Dame

    Originally from Parrish, FL

  • Bridgette McDermott
  • John Groden
  • Rebecca Richards
  • Andrew Brimeyer
  • Donovan Kelly
  • Brighid Corr
  • Mary Ostrowski
  • Xiomara Cuadra
  • Tommy Sullivan
  • Cassidy Whidden

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