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Where We Serve: Jacksonville


Jacksonville is actually the largest city in the US by land area, so it is very spread out and each area of the city has its own unique flavor and atmosphere to enjoy. It is located an hour north of St. Augustine, the country’s oldest established city, five hours north of Miami, and two and a half hours from Disney World in Orlando.

Jacksonville is also one of the original ACE sites and has been hosting ACE teachers since ACE began. In this time, many ACErs have developed unique relationships with the communities-- both in the schools and at large.

  • Jennie Kim
  • Sarah Witt
  • Pete O'Connell
  • Ray Lewis
  • Jennie Kim  | ACE 24

    B.A. in Economics, B.A. in Political Science, University of Notre Dame

    Originally from Cypress, CA

  • Sarah Witt  | ACE 23

    BS in Neuroscience and Behavior, Notre Dame

    Originally from Carmel, IN

  • Pete O'Connell  | ACE 23

    B.A. Natural Science , Saint Anselm College

    Originally from Marlborough, CT

  • Ray Lewis  | ACE 24

    B. E. in Chemical Engineering, minor in Chemistry, Vanderbilt University

    Originally from Chicago, IL

  • Jennie Kim
  • Sarah Witt
  • Pete O'Connell
  • Ray Lewis

Schools We Serve

ACE teachers serve at the following schools:

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