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Where We Serve: Jacksonville


Jacksonville is actually the largest city in the US by land area, so it is very spread out and each area of the city has its own unique flavor and atmosphere to enjoy. It is located an hour north of St. Augustine, the country’s oldest established city, five hours north of Miami, and two and a half hours from Disney World in Orlando.

Jacksonville is also one of the original ACE sites and has been hosting ACE teachers since ACE began. In this time, many ACErs have developed unique relationships with the communities-- both in the schools and at large.

  • Peter O'Connell
  • Rocielle Perez
  • Sarah Witt
  • Nicholas Lowe
  • "I said yes because of the community that a Catholic upbringing provides. As a Catholic educator I get to form that community in my classroom. "

    Peter O'Connell  | ACE 23

    Middle School Science Teacher at St. Paul-Riverside

    BA in Natural Sciences, Saint Anselm College

    Originally from Marlborough, CT

  • "I have seen God most abundantly in my school community. Again, I joined ACE with a desire to serve others but have finished my first year with a profound sense of how my school community, from the administration to my students, have served and shaped me. God has been so present in every person I have encountered at my school, and in ways I have never experienced before. "

    Rocielle Perez  | ACE 22

    5th Grade Teacher at St. Patrick

    BS in Psychology with a minor in Elementary Education, Portland State University

    Originally from Beaverton, OR

  • "I said “yes” to ACE because I believe in being a part of a mission that is greater than myself. I wanted to serve in a classroom where love of God, neighbor, and self is at the heart of what we do. I’m excited for the opportunity to help shape my students’ hearts and minds in discovering who they are as God’s children."

    Sarah Witt  | ACE 23

    4th Grade Teacher at Christ the King

    BS in Neuroscience and Behavior, University of Notre Dame

    Originally from Carmel, IN

  • "Over and over, I have realized that love of God is expressed most deeply in love for my neighbors: my community members, my students, my coworkers. I see God most fully in those moments of struggle where God grants me the grace to see the face of Christ where I did not expect to see Him - in the frustrating student, in the crabby co-worker, in the annoyance at a community member. There in the midst of my frustration, sometimes then I see most clearly the reflection of the divine and remember that we are all children of God. "

    Nicholas Lowe  | ACE 22

    High School Math Teacher at Bishop Kenny High School

    BA in Religion and BS in Math; MA in Divinity, Wofford College, University of Chicago

    Originally from Charleston, SC

  • Peter O'Connell
  • Rocielle Perez
  • Sarah Witt
  • Nicholas Lowe

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