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Life in the City

The ACErs are close to Dodgers’ Stadium, the Rose Bowl, Hollywood, Pasadena, and San Diego. National Parks like Sequoia and Yosemite are also only a few hours away for the outdoor enthusiasts. And, who doesn't love 75-degree days in January? Whether you like mountains, beaches, clubs, theatres, you name it, it’s near Los Angeles. 

The teachers there are responding daily to the diverse needs of the students and families they serve. On any given Sunday, Mass is said in 38 different languages. The city provides ACE teachers with ample opportunities to reach out to a diverse student population, many of whom are practicing Catholics.

ACE Los Angeles

HometownJulia McIntyre

Spokane, WA

Undergraduate Institution

University of Portland

Undergraduate Studies

Major: Biological Sciences

Why did you say "yes" to serving children in Catholic schools through ACE?

I said yes because I have a desire to live my life in service to others and believe in the transformative power of education. I feel fortunate to take part in ACE where I am surrounded by a immense amount of support and awesome people!

HometownMarco Orendain

Prosper, TX

Undergraduate Institution

Saint Louis University

Undergraduate Studies

Major: Neuroscience & Behavior

Why did you say "yes" to serving children in Catholic schools through ACE?

I want to guide Catholic school students to Christ. I said yes to serving in Catholic schools because I'm a product of the hard work of Catholic school teachers and administrators! I wouldn't be who I am today without the love of the Catholic school system.

HometownAngela Rea

Bloomfield Hills, MI

Undergraduate Institution

University of Notre Dame

Undergraduate Studies

Major: Chemistry

Why did you say "yes" to serving children in Catholic schools through ACE?

I loved my Catholic high school. It was a privilege to receive a Catholic education, to have teachers who helped me grow both spiritually and academically. Through ACE, I hope to help my students come to appreciate their Catholic education the same way I did.

HometownJ.D. Shelly

Wilmette, IL

Undergraduate Institution

Emory University 

Undergraduate Studies

Major: Biology

Minor: Linguistics

Why did you say "yes" to serving children in Catholic schools through ACE?

I am motivated by the idea of making a difference in the lives of my students and helping them to grow as young people!

HometownSebastian Villalobos

Tucson, AZ

Undergraduate Institution

Arizona State University

Undergraduate Studies

Majors: History and Secondary Education 

If you had to pick one word to describe your ACE experience thus far, what would it be? Why?  

Grateful. I'm glad I got to meet new people and share this wonderful journey with them

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