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Where We Serve: Mobile


Mobile is a small metropolitan area nestled against the beaches of the self-proclaimed “Redneck Riviera”. It combines French Quarter flair – complete with the original Mardi Gras – with one of the largest Catholic populations in the Deep South. In addition to a great music and food scene, Mobile is also noted for being a magnet for minor league sports. Its many area colleges also provide opportunities to interact with young people.

  • Darrius Williams
  • Rebecca Kudija
  • Ellen Murphy
  • Kevin Fitzsimmons
  • Helen Maduka
  • "Growing up, I had one African-American teacher and her influence during my high school years changed the course of my life. I want to change the course of the lives of the students I meet, in the fullest of who I am. The reason I said "yes" to the all-black Most Pure of Mary Catholic School is because I needed a teacher that looked like me when it needed them most. "

    Darrius Williams  | ACE 23

    Middle School Language Arts Teacher at Most Pure Heart of Mary

    BA in Communication, Rhetorical Studies with Minors in History and Religion, Wake Forest University

    Originally from Newport News, VA

  • "One of my seventh grade students consistently struggled with organization and comprehension of language arts content. As his teacher, I was worried that his motivation would be affected by these challenges. However, he often came to me during recess or after school to show me a new poem or prayer. His prayers were often written with such clarity and innocence, reminding me that God is always speaking to us through our students, in unique and beautiful ways. "

    Rebecca Kudija  | ACE 22

    Middle School Language Arts Teacher at Little Flower

    BA in the Program of Liberal Studies with a minor in Business Economics , University of Notre Dame

    Originally from Paso Robles, CA

  • "My students are a witness to God's love everyday. They constantly amaze me when they ask to give up their lunch to go adoration, talk about how they can better serve the poor or simply engage in prayer at the start of class. Seeing the strong faith of my students challenges me to grow in my own faith everyday. "

    Ellen Murphy  | ACE 22

    High School Math Teacher at McGill-Toolen

    BA in Mathematics with a Secondary Education Certification and a minor in Business Studies , SUNY Geneseo

    Originally from Babylon, NY

  • "I saw God in the nights that were difficult. Not in the more conventional way that most people might think of finding God in the struggles of life. But rather, it was in the fact that after every hard day, I still wanted to grow into a much better teacher. That was God. "

    Kevin Fitzsimmons  | ACE 22

    Middle School Math and Science Teacher at Most Pure Heart of Mary

    BA in Secondary Education with major in Mathematics, Saint Louis University

    Originally from Dallas, TX

  • "I love the way the young mind works and its ability to be full of hope, love and inspiration. Passing on the one true faith to such wonderful minds is an opportunity that encourages me as well as allows me to fulfill my calling as a Christian. "

    Helen Maduka  | ACE 23

    Middle School Social Studies Teacher at Little Flower

    BA in History and Theology, University of Cambridge

    Originally from London, UK

  • Darrius Williams
  • Rebecca Kudija
  • Ellen Murphy
  • Kevin Fitzsimmons
  • Helen Maduka

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