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Where We Serve: Sacramento


The sunny city of Sacramento is located in Northern California and is the capital of the state. It is home of the Sacramento Kings basketball team and the River Cats baseball team. The community also enjoys its close proximity to other neat places. Sacramento is located an hour and a half from San Francisco, Napa Valley and two hours from Lake Tahoe.

  • Brendan Bell
  • Nicole Kelly
  • Madi King
  • Rebecca Hornby
  • Maeve Mulholland
  • Zack Sturm
  • "I have constantly seen God in the faces of my community members, colleagues at school, and my students. In community, it has been through the selflessness and sacrifice that I see my community members making on a daily basis. At school, I have seen God most in what some would call the ordinary moments of class. God is present in the respect and love my students show towards our school writ large, classroom community, and one another. "

    Brendan Bell  | ACE 22

    Social Studies Teacher at Cristo Rey High School

    BA in Political Science with a minor in Philosophy, Politics and Economics , University of Notre Dame

    Originally from Havertown, PA

  • "There was a girl in my class who struggled with dyslexia, and almost more difficult, had absolutely no motivation to read. She consistently picked books below her capabilities or refused to read them at all. Watching her become increasingly excited about reading and willing to take risks throughout the year was wonderful to see. I will never forget towards the end of the year when I was doing crosswalk her face as she ran up to me yelling, "Ms. Kelly! Ms. Kelly! I finished my first chapter book!" Seeing her transition and sense of accomplishment through the year will always stick with me."

    Nicole Kelly  | ACE 22

    3rd Grade Teacher at St. Robert Catholic

    BA in History, Santa Clara University

    Originally from Windsor, CA

  • "Community allows us to share in one another's suffering, while also celebrating each other's joys. God reveals Himself to us through relationship. The ACE community is nothing short of a revelation of God's beautiful creation and likeness. "

    Madi King  | ACE 23

    High School Religion Teacher at Cristo Rey High School

    BA in in Political Science and International Development with minor in Hesburgh Public Service, University of Notre Dame

    Originally from St. Louis, MO

  • "I said yes as I wanted to be a part of a movement that supported the development of an education that was wholesome and catered to the children's spiritual needs as well as their educational ones. I wish to foster a community mindset within the classroom and encourage the children to learn in a love filed environment. In addition to this I want to teach in a Catholic school as I believe to teach within the Church is to teach with compassion. "

    Rebecca Hornby  | ACE 23

    3rd Grade Teacher at Holy Cross Academy

    BA in Religious Studies and English, St. Patrick's College of Education (DCU)

    Originally from Cavan, Ireland

  • "At the end of the year we did "I Am" poems, where students wrote poems about their hopes, dreams, and fears. It was the most touching experience of my year to hear how honest and genuine my students were. I will never forget it."

    Maeve Mulholland  | ACE 22

    3rd Grade Teacher at Our Lady of Grace

    BA in Art History, Williams College

    Originally from Manhasset, NY

  • "During difficult periods, my faith reminds me to turn my focus outward rather than brooding on whatever challenge I'm facing. When I take the time to love those around me, I'm able to find joy in any situation. "

    Zack Sturm  | ACE 23

    3rd Grade Teacher at St. Charles Borromeo

    BA in Chinese with a supplementary major in Peace Studies, University of Notre Dame

    Originally from Oak Hill, VA

  • Brendan Bell
  • Nicole Kelly
  • Madi King
  • Rebecca Hornby
  • Maeve Mulholland
  • Zack Sturm

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