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Where We Serve: San Jose

San Jose

With an average of 300 days of sunshine, it’s no wonder that San Jose has been named as the happiest, healthiest, and smartest city in America.  Where Silicon Valley meets Spanish history, San Jose is home to many technology museums, art galleries, and beautiful gardens.  Our love for organic food and the latest food trends provides our community with a multitude of culinary experiences, in addition to our wonderful community dinner nights.  The Santa Clara Valley is also California’s oldest wine growing region, long before Napa made it on the map. We are thankful to be able to share our wonderful city with the nearby communities of Sacramento and Oakland.

  • Emma Henderson
  • Joshua Dempsey
  • John DeLozier
  • Mary Kate Currier
  • "San JosACE really knows how to love and support one another. In all situations San JosACE encourages each other to strive for our best. We walk with each other through this journey in ACE as Christ walked with his Apostles. "

    Emma Henderson  | ACE 22

    Middle School Math and Science Teacher at St. John the Baptist

    BS in Chemical Engineering, University of Notre Dame

    Originally from Grand Island, NY

  • " A smart man once said, "Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel." Catholic school education has kindled a burning passion for wisdom and truth in me, and I hope to pass that on to all my students."

    Joshua Dempsey  | ACE 23

    3rd Grade Teacher at St. Lawrence

    BA in Philosophy with minors in Constitutional Studies and Science and Technology and Values, University of Notre Dame

    Originally from Buffalo, NY

  • "I have seen God in the small things that have gone really well this year, either in my instruction, or my interactions with students, or in my students interactions with each other. I have been able to see more and more how this work ultimately is not mine, but that of the Holy Spirit, who is able to guide me even when I feel like I have no idea what I am doing. "

    John DeLozier  | ACE 22

    High School Religion Teacher at St. Lawrence Academy

    BA in Catholic Studies with minors in Philosophy, Theology and Education, University of St. Thomas

    Originally from Saint Michael, MN

  • "My faith provides me comfort during challenging times. Being able to express concerns and fears to God and know I am not alone, is extremely comforting. "

    Mary Kate Currier  | ACE 23

    3rd Grade Teacher at St. John Baptist

    BA in Early Childhood Education , University of Dayton

    Originally from Detroit, MI

  • Emma Henderson
  • Joshua Dempsey
  • John DeLozier
  • Mary Kate Currier

Schools We Serve

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