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Where We Serve: Santa Ana

Santa Ana

Looking to shred some waves on a surfboard, drive down the Pacific Coast Highway, or spend a weekend in Disneyland?  Then Santa Ana is the place for you!  Santa Ana is home to a great mix of Mexican cuisine and some of the most cutting-edge of OC’s restaurants.  We are just ten minutes from the beach but be careful of the Santa Ana Freeway at the 605.  It gets pretty jammed on the weekends!

  • Jennifer Yu
  • Andrew Nguyen
  • Charles Klingenberger
  • Stacy Sanchez
  • Margaret Schmid
  • " Around Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, we wrote "I Have a Dream" speeches in which students chose an issue they were particularly passionate about, wrote, and presented speeches to their peers. I was impressed by the maturity, concern, and vulnerability my students shared. I chose teaching because I wanted to help kids believe in their own voice, and this project stoked my fire."

    Jennifer Yu  | ACE 22

    Middle School Language Arts Teacher at St. Justin Martyr

    BBA in Business Management with a secondary major in English Writing, Loyola Marymount University

    Originally from Reseda, CA

  • "I have experienced the presence of God throughout my ACE experience in recognizing the most important aspect of service: love. To love my community, my students, and all I encounter is to been in the presence of God. "

    Andrew Nguyen  | ACE 22

    Middle School Language Arts and Science Teacher at St. Anne

    BA in Integral Liberal Arts, Saint Mary's College of California

    Originally from Santa Clara, CA

  • "I'm looking forward to simply coming home to share the joys and trials of the day with my community members. I believe that God often works through other people and that, especially during what will surely be a challenging first year of teaching, my community members will be a constant source of God's love in my life. "

    Charles Klingenberger  | ACE 23

    5th Grade Teacher at Christ Cathedral Academy

    BA in European History, Minor in Mass Communications, Washington and Lee University

    Originally from Hinsdale, IL

  • "Although some days were better than others, I was always reminded of God's presence through my students. Each day I knew I was simply called to love and serve. "

    Stacy Sanchez  | ACE 22

    5th Grade Teacher at St. Joseph

    BS in Human Development and Psychological Services with a minor in Latino Studies and certificate in Civic Engagement , Northwestern University

    Originally from Sanger, CA

  • "I firmly believe in the importance of Catholic education. Being able to grow intellectually and spiritually in the same setting is a privilege that I have never been without, and now would like to share with others. An opportunity to play a facilitating role in a student coming to know Jesus and growing in his/her faith, is one to which I look forward. "

    Margaret Schmid  | ACE 23

    3rd Grade Teacher at School of Our Lady

    BA in Psychology with minors in Theology and Latino Studies, University of Notre Dame

    Originally from Granger, IN

  • Jennifer Yu
  • Andrew Nguyen
  • Charles Klingenberger
  • Stacy Sanchez
  • Margaret Schmid

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