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Life in the City

Nestled between the Santa Ana mountains and the Santa Ana River, there's plenty to see and do in the city. Our community is also less than 10 miles from the coast and the sparkling waters of the Pacific Ocean. Santa Ana is home to a great mix of Mexican cuisine and some of the most cutting-edge of OC’s restaurants.

ACE Santa Ana

Alexandra Jane Kilgore


Kent Island, MD

Undergraduate Institution

The Catholic University of America

Undergraduate Studies

Major: Philosophy Pre-Law

Minors: Theology and Politics

If you had to pick just one word to describe your ACE experience so far, what would it be?


HometownAlex Lytle

Titusville, FL

Undergraduate Institution

University of Florida

Undergraduate Studies

Major: Business Administration - specialization in Education

Why did you say "yes" to serving children in Catholic schools through ACE?

What could be more important than striving to know our Lord with and through the students we are blessed to teach? Catholic Education is one of the most essential elements for the continuation of the life of the Church in this country. It is my prayer that the Holy Spirit may use me in whichever way He sees fit to best proclaim the Gospel. I am so excited to share our most precious and holy faith in our Catholic schools. Therefore, I answer this call to serve with a resounding “yes”!

Addie Quinn


Granger, IN

Undergraduate Institution

University of Notre Dame

Undergraduate Studies

Major: Marketing

Minor: Collaborative Innovation

Why did you say "yes" to serving children in Catholic schools through ACE?

I said yes to serving children in Catholic schools through ACE because everyday is an opportunity to grow with my students and give them hope for their future!

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