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Life in the City

Tucson is an awesome city. As the provider of beautiful sunsets, mountain views, and gorgeous scenery, the Old Pueblo has lots to offer. Fine Mexican dining, vibrant Mexican culture, and street festivals abound. Tucson boasts Saguaros galore and an occasional wild javelin. ACE Phoenix also happens to be two hours away.

We pride ourselves on upholding the Tucson tradition of sharing many meals together each week. Together we laugh in our living room, grade papers on our many couches, and watch various sports throughout the year. We can often be found attending events at each of the four schools which helps to establish a sense of community within the larger context of our Catholic schools.

ACE Tucson

HometownEva Ballew

Franklin, WI

Undergraduate Institution

Harvard College

Undergraduate Studies

Major: History

Minors; Archaeology and Ethnicity, Migration, & Rights

HometownZachary Berning

Dubuque, IA

Undergraduate Institution

Saint Louis University

Undergraduate Studies

Major: Psychology

Minors: Human Resource Management and Spanish

If you had to pick just one word to describe your ACE experience so far, what would it be? 

Fulfilling. Each day has been a completely full and I’ve gotten the chance to meet so many great people who share the same mission and values as me.


HometownBridget Hodges

Gilbert, AZ

Undergraduate Institution

Texas Christian University

Undergraduate Studies

Major: Secondary Education - Social Studies and Mathematics

Why did you say "yes" to serving children in Catholic schools through ACE?

I said “yes” to ACE because I love their 3 Pillars of Teaching, Community, Spirituality and how they are incorporated into everything we do when serving students in Catholic school. I am excited to serve God and others in this profession through ACE!

HometownMichael McHugh

Fairfax, VA

Undergraduate Institution

Northwestern University

Undergraduate Studies

Majors: Mathematics and Classics

Why did you say "yes" to serving children in Catholic schools through ACE?

I wanted to serve the Church in some way, and I had wanted to work as a teacher for several years. I loved ACE’s commitment to community and to service when I looked into the program, and I decided that it would be the best place for me to grow as a Catholic school teacher.

HometownClara Pater

Harbor Springs, MI

Undergraduate Institution

Michigan State University

Undergraduate Studies

Major:s: Social Relations and Policy & Criminal Justice

What are you looking forward to the most in ACE this year? 

This year in ACE I’m looking forward to encountering different people and a different part of the country, expanding my knowledge and awareness of the world, and engaging alongside others within the community. 

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