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Where We Serve: Tucson


Tucson is an awesome city. As the provider of beautiful sunsets, mountain views, and gorgeous scenery, the Old Pueblo has lots to offer. The home of the University of Arizona and their much beloved Wildcats, Tucson has a number of historic, social, and cultural areas. Fine Mexican dining, vibrant Mexican culture, and street festivals abound. Tucson boasts Saguaros galore and an occasional wild javelin. ACE Phoenix also happens to be two hours away.

We pride ourselves on upholding the Tucson tradition of sharing many meals together each week. Together we laugh in our living room, grade papers on our many couches, and watch various sports throughout the year. We can often be found attending events at each of the four schools which helps to establish a sense of community within the larger context of our Catholic schools.

  • Kathleen Powers
  • Samantha Benz
  • Matt Leary
  • Ellen Moriarity
  • Margaret Prakel
  • Matt King
  • Sarah Motter
  • Eddie Jurkovich
  • "I am excited to serve children in Catholic schools because I can enter into a more complete picture of the human experience. My Catholic faith is an integral part of my identity and of my education, and I look forward to teaching my students as whole people. I hope to reach my students on a spiritual as well as educational level. "

    Kathleen Powers  | ACE 23

    High School Language Arts Teacher at San Miguel High School

    BA in Secondary Education Language Arts, University of Alabama

    Originally from Mobile, AL

  • " My faith gets me through challenging times and puts it into perspective for me that God gives us what we can handle. I am in constant conversation with God about what I need help with in my life especially how I treat others and how much I let challenging times impact me. "

    Samantha Benz  | ACE 23

    2nd Grade Teacher at Our Mother of Sorrows

    BA in Civil and Liberal Studies with a minor in Theology and Religious Studies, St. Mary's College California

    Originally from Burlingame, CA

  • "My faith has helped me through times of hardship, and it is a great outlet to help myself find peace. In these times, prayer offers an outlet to help people when the situation is out of your hands. "

    Matt Leary  | ACE 23

    High School Social Studies Teacher at San Miguel High School

    BS in Mathematics, University of Notre Dame

    Originally from Mineola, NY

  • "My faith reminds me that I am a part of something much greater than myself. When I feel encumbered by doubts and frustrations, I remember that I can only see a small piece of the greater plan. "

    Ellen Moriarity  | ACE 23

    Middle School Math Teacher at St. John the Evangelist

    BA in Economics and Political Science, University of Notre Dame

    Originally from Indianapolis, IN

  • " On a "Teach the Teacher" day, one of my students taught the class how to "Be Miss Prakel". They taught the class how to draw daisies (my favorite flower), braid hair (my go-to teacher hairdo), and ended the lesson with a read-aloud of my favorite children's book. I was amazed at how well my student knew me! "

    Margaret Prakel  | ACE 22

    3rd Grade Teacher at Santa Cruz

    BA in Spanish with a minor in Education, Schooling, & Society, University of Notre Dame

    Originally from Versailles, OH

  • "My first year at San Miguel High School brought me many moments of joy. Of them all, one stands out above the rest.During an in class debate over who was at fault for the fall of humanity (Adam, Eve or the snake) my entire class wanted to keep going after the bell. My students had prepared so much, worked so well in their groups and felt so strongly about their cases, my students wanted to stay into lunch to finish the trial. "

    Matt King  | ACE 22

    Religion Teacher at San Miguel High School

    BA in Religious Studies with a concentration in Peace and Conflict, College of the Holy Cross

    Originally from Waltham, MA

  • "Community life will be instrumental as I transition into the classroom because it can rejuvenate me emotionally and spiritually. Together we can build each other up on the bad days and cheer for each other on the good, all while centering on Christ the Teacher to guide us. "

    Sarah Motter  | ACE 23

    4th Grade Teacher at Sts. Peter and Paul

    BS in Biological Sciences and Sociology, University of Notre Dame

    Originally from Columbus, OH

  • "I have seen God in the small moments such as the appreciation of a parent, notes left by students, and stories shared in community. What we do is not possible without God, so even amidst all the craziness, you sometimes get a glimpse of the greater work going on. "

    Eddie Jurkovich  | ACE 22

    4th Grade Teacher at St. John the Evangelist

    BA in Information Technology Management, University of Notre Dame

    Originally from Bourbonnais, IL

  • Kathleen Powers
  • Samantha Benz
  • Matt Leary
  • Ellen Moriarity
  • Margaret Prakel
  • Matt King
  • Sarah Motter
  • Eddie Jurkovich

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