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Where We Serve: Tulsa


Beginning with the ACE 19 cohort, ACE is excited to return to Tulsa. The teachers are excited to respond to the needs of Catholic schools in this city, the second largest in Oklahoma.

  • Melissa Jaskiewicz
  • Seamus Power
  • Grace Choe
  • Matthew Nunez
  • "My faith helps me during challenging times because it reminds me that we are meant for eternity and meant to be loved for every second of it. Things rarely seem challenging in the perspective of eternity and remembrance that you are loved in each moment. "

    Melissa Jaskiewicz  | ACE 23

    Middle School Science Teacher at Sts. Peter and Paul

    BS in Biology with a minor in Chemistry, St. Michael's College

    Originally from Kesington, MD

  • "Faith is an integral aspect of who I am and how I see the world. I firmly believe that we are all called to continue the work of the Creator in our own lives. During difficult times I to turn towards God, pray, and find comfort knowing that God does not demand perfection. "

    Seamus Power  | ACE 23

    4th Grade Teacher at All Saints Catholic School

    BA in Psychology, Bowdoin College

    Originally from Toronto, Canada

  • " My faith has especially developed through the most difficult times in my life. Each time, I have learned that God always works through hurt, brokenness, and loss in ways beyond my understanding and that He is always there beside me in those times. Because those hard seasons have become such integral parts of the growth of my faith, when I approach challenging times, I now know how to immediately pray to God and lift up every struggle to Him. Through my faith, I also feel connected to my family and close friends, who are always ready to support me with prayer and spiritual encouragement."

    Grace Choe  | ACE 23

    2nd Grade Teacher at All Saints Catholic School

    BA Psychology with Supplementary Major in Theology, University of Notre Dame

    Originally from Kona, HI

  • "The root of our Catholic identity is in community, as we are all called to share in the Eucharist together. By living in community, we are called to share the challenges and joys of our work with each other, and we always support one another."

    Matthew Nunez  | ACE 23

    3rd Grade Teacher at Saint Catherine

    BA in Global Studies, St. Edwards's University

    Originally from Colorado Springs, CO

  • Melissa Jaskiewicz
  • Seamus Power
  • Grace Choe
  • Matthew Nunez

Schools We Serve

ACE teachers serve at the following schools:

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