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Where We Serve: Washington D.C.

Washington D.C.

Aside from being the heart of government for the United States and home to some of the most amazing museums and monuments in the world, DC has a great, vibrant community of young people who are all committed to making a difference. You simply cannot beat that. We also have the best ACE Advocates group in the country! Not to mention the Cherry Blossom Festival, the Metro and go-go music.

  • Emily Storms
  • Emily Scala
  • Riana Fisher
  • Zach Traynor
  • Nick Denari
  • Niamh O'Mahony
  • "One of my 3rd grade boys was always starting fights and in detention constantly at the beginning of the school year. We spent so much time working with him, and his behavior and academic performance had completely turned around by the year's halfway point. His mom cried and hugged me when he made the 3rd quarter honor roll list, and I still can't believe how much progress we made from where he was at less than a year ago. "

    Emily Storms  | ACE 22

    3rd-5th Grade Social Studies and Religion Teacher at St. Thomas More

    BA in Political Science, Advertising & Public Relations, Loyola University Chicago

    Originally from Shoreview, MN

  • "Community life will be instrumental as I transition into the classroom because it can rejuvenate me emotionally and spiritually. Together we can build each other up on the bad days and cheer for each other on the good, all while centering on Christ the Teacher to guide us."

    Emily Scala  | ACE 23

    2nd Grade Teacher at The Academy at St. Matthias

    BA in Elementary and Psychology, Boston College

    Originally from Mansfield, MA

  • "When things get challenging, I try to remember that promoting justice was never meant to be easy. At the beginning of our adventure here at ACE, one of the members on the pastoral team quoted Pope Benedict XVI; "the world promises you comfort, but you were not made for comfort. You were made for greatness.""

    Riana Fisher  | ACE 23

    Middle School Science Teacher at Sacred Heart

    BA in Philosophy and Biology, University of Scranton

    Originally from Randolph, NJ

  • "I've wanted to be a teacher for many years, and I think the ACE program's unique structure allows me to do the most good in the world while growing as an educator of the whole person."

    Zach Traynor  | ACE 23

    High School Science Teacher at Archbishop Carroll

    BA in Mathematics, Chemistry and Linguistics, Dartmouth College

    Originally from Seattle, WA; Toronto, Canada

  • "My faith reminds me to be the person that I am called to be and be intentional about my actions. In times of trouble, that allows me to focus on the things I can control and see the joy in places I otherwise might ignore. "

    Nick Denari  | ACE 23

    High School Mathematics Teacher at Archbishop Carroll

    BS in Mathematics, Boston College

    Originally from Indianapolis, IN

  • "I saw God in the faces of my students, especially when they asked for help or when they just needed my support. "

    Niamh O'Mahony  | ACE 22

    3rd Grade Teacher at St. Anthony

    Bachelor of Education and History , St. Patrick's College of Education

    Originally from Dublin, Ireland

  • Emily Storms
  • Emily Scala
  • Riana Fisher
  • Zach Traynor
  • Nick Denari
  • Niamh O'Mahony

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